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best of the valley — brass blossom edition

Every year the Wood River Valley votes on the best of — the best food, the best drinks, the best place to gather or hike, the list goes on and on. So we figured just as ‘Best of 2015’ is hitting print we would come out with our own best of the valley with a Brass Blossom twist.

Here is our 20-something, female-influenced best of the valley! 




best taco — KBs

  • famous for their fish tacos, KBs is a Ketchum (and Hailey) staple – the staff is super friendly, the food is fresh, and you can always go for a burrito in a bowl or make your own burrito bowl (add everything minus the meat) which is what taylor always goes for as a healthier option.


best pizza — ENOTECA or WISEGUY

  • go for Enoteca for a more specialty gourmet take on pizza — insanely delicious!
  • wiseguy is your go-to for take-out, delivery, or a quick slice with friends (they also have gluten-free crust!).



best burger — POWERHOUSE

  • we often complain that Powerhouse isn’t in Ketchum…the food is fresh, homemade, and inventive, and the price point is manageable.
  • krista loves the classic burger, the chili and the fries, while taylor opts for the oat burger tacos with a large side of truffle fries or two

a slightly intimidating door

best cup of coffee — VELOCIO

  • the baristas at Velocio are geniuses — you can’t find better espresso or foam designs anywhere else in Ketchum! taylor’s favorite is their chai latte’s minus the cinnamon
  • Velocio is also a favorite spot for some studying, work, or blogging — the ambiance is awesome with the big garage door, Baldy views, and contemporary but warm feel.



best locally-sourced dinner — CK’s REAL FOOD

  • everything at CK’s seems to melt in your mouth…in the best way possible. their ingredients are as locally sourced as possible and farm fresh daily.
  • try the gaucho steak as a great go-to. their gluten free bread is also insane…


best “mom-friendly” brunch — CRISTINA’S

  • Krista worked at Cristina’s for 7 years as a hostess, waitress, and “counter girl,” which would be enough to put anyone off of the food of any restaurant for life…not in the case of Cristina’s — the food is just that good. Cristina is a famous cookbook author, chef to the celebs, and quintessential Italian, and her charming salmon colored house is the place of culinary dreams come true…
  • try the chicken milanese sandwich, the San Francisco airport salad, the burrata caprese, or the super thin crust pizzas…YUM! sunday brunch brings lots of delicious sweet breads and weekly specials.


best “last night was aggressive” brunch — THE KNEADERY

  • at that moment when you realize, “ugh, I went to the casino last night,” you immediately think of breakfast at the Kneadery. the Kneadery is owned by the same family as The Pioneer, and it shows — it is a well oiled machine, which is great when all you need is coffee, water, sprite with a straw, and corned beef hash in your belly asap…


best sandwich — BIGWOOD BREAD

  • Bigwood Bread is taking over…in the best sense possible. they have two café locations and ship their delicious breads all over the state of Idaho.
  • krista’s favorite is the Cilantro Lime Salad…if gluten was a better friend, it would be a Reuben every time…Taylor opts for the Baldy Power Bowl every time.


best bar — THE CELLAR PUB

  • this is the true local watering hole. whether your in the mood for a cold Budweiser or feeling a little classier and hankering for a martini or greyhound, the super freindly and funny staff at The Cellar will take care of you
  • they also serve food later than others in town — up until a shocking 9:30 p.m. the Ahi Tuna Salad features the same sushi grade ahi that the owners provide to their other restaurant, Sushi on Second. Taylor loves the Vegetarian Burger as the non-meat options are slim pickings…



best wine selection — WINE COMPANY

  • if you’re going for class and want a classy bottle of wine, the Wine Co. is your best friend — sample some for yourself and treat yourself to a delicious antipasto platter. they have a great deck in the Summer or a warm and sunny Winter day and a cozy fireside in the Winter.


best beer — LEFTY’S

  • when we first moved back here, the boys could be found at Lefty’s essentially every night. they have the tall glass “big beers,” and you know you’re a local when you get your own Lefty’s mug that hangs on a hook form the ceiling.
  • they serve a variety of beers on tap, ciders (Stella’s new cider is a great, gluten-free Summer option), and Omission (the best Gluten Free beer), and check out their monkeys and wings for a great “pairing.”

best cocktail — THE CORNERSTONE 

  • the Cornerstone is where you go for a cocktail that doubles as a work of art…they use inventive ingredients, and the result is always delicious. Cornerstone is the home of the ginger margarita and the best dirty martini in town…


best caterer — THE HAVEN

  • we clearly love The Haven. my god is it delicious! Kellee will elevate any gathering your have with her homey, delicious catering. during a crazy Christmas season last year, Krista’s family enjoyed mac-n-cheese, winter salad with kale, spinach, brussels, squash, goat cheese, and nuts, pigs in a blanket, chicken, the list goes on…you can’t go wrong with some snack from The Haven!


best date night — ENOTECA

  • we cannot get enough of Enoteca. it’s always packed, so make a reservation, or try your luck at snagging a couple spots at the bar. the ambiance is amazing — compliments of Jennifer Hoey design and our very own Abbey, and the price point is perfect for a cozy yet affordable date night.
  • definitely taste the burrata, the brussels, the duck confit, the mac-n-cheese if you’re pants are feeling loose and any of the pizzas. for dessert, we recommend the affogato. also, we can’t forget about the wine…their friendly and knowledgable staff will help you make the best choice for your dinner and also taste anything you’d like. and top it off with one of their incredible espressos for post-dinner.


best slack special — RICO’S AUTHENTIC ITALIAN

  • you may have to ask for the menu and details…but Rico’s has the best slack special in town with a glass of wine or beer, a small salad or cup of soup, and a lasagna, spaghetti, or individual two-topping pizza for just $10. you can’t beat that! definitely the best place for a last minute book club sesh.


best sushi — ZOU 75

  • you may not think that sushi and a landlocked state would go well together…but in all honesty, Zou 75 has the best sushi we’ve ever tasted, anywhere.
  • try the South Valley roll, “D” style (after our friend Derek, their incredible and inventive executive chef), the tiger rolls, the beef tetaki, and an all-time favorite, the tuna tartar.

best affordable ethnic food — RICKSHAW

  • Rickshaw is best enjoyed family style, and they serve a delicious lunch on Fridays as well. go for the house red for a solid, affordable pour, and order away — you can’t go wrong!
  • we especially love the bok choy, papaya salad, green curry chicken, dan dan noodles, and …everything else!


best not-so affordable ethnic food — GLOBUS

  • globes offers fantastic asian food in a sophisticated setting. their pad thai and curry dish are classics, the brussels are way too good to be true, and their gluten free calamari is soooo yummy. taylor gets the green thai curry every time despite being slightly allergic to eggplant (a non-substitutable ingredient). it’s that good. this is a great place for family style as well, as there are plenty of small plates to share.


best “i’m 20-something & semi-broke” dinner — PIONEER

  • the saying is that “if you haven’t been to the Pioneer, then you haven’t been to Ketchum.” we’ll back this up. not only is it a Ketchum establishment, it is an ever-popular and truly delicious steakhouse. the best deal in town is likely the Jim Spud — a fully loaded baked potato with pieces of sirloin inside of it…it’s also about the size of your face.
  • their salads are fresh and satisfying, the artichokes are always tender, and we’re still trying to figure out how to replicate that rice recipe. and don’t forget to try a bar marg (which you apparently get a free one with a Magic Lantern Movie Ticket?), and always go for the baked potato! keep an eye out for great discounts like Pio Days and locals specials during slack. it’s always worth the wait!


best “i need something green after a weekend binge” — GLOW or NOURISHME

  • we live in a very health-conscious community, and Glow and NourishMe is where the true health freaks flock. while both offer great natural products and vegan fare, we love them for their juices and smoothies.
  • NourishMe also carries fresh fava beans, which are Taylor’s go to protein source at the moment.
  • Krista loves the veggie toast from Glow as a great lunch go-to.



best “i have to hurry back to work lunch but don’t want something processed or fried” — THE HAVEN FOOD TRUCK

  • if you’re looking for a healthy but filling (and crazy delicious!) lunch, head to the Haven food truck at lunch hour. their falafel is to die for (taylor once ate it for a week straight), and their daily specials keep you interested and constantly coming back for more!




best fly-fishing shop — LOST RIVER OUTFITTERS

  • both of the boys are former (slash somewhat current) employees at Lost River Outfitters. this shop is a truly local enterprise that offers great inventory and great fly-fishing trips.


best “i need a gift” shop —  KETCHUM FLOWER COMPANY or THE GARDENS

  • Ketchum Flower Company never disappoints. you can always go in to find a little or big gift for someone. they have great little books, candles, flip flops, bags, jewelry and clothing galore. plus they are located in the most adorable, shuttered, colonial “house”.
  • The Gardens is a (somewhat) newer establishment to Ketchum but just so happens to be fantastic. whether you are looking for a “garden” type gift or a gift for a mother, this is the place to go. and not to mention everything smells delicious in there!



best place to buy a present for yourself (affordable) — GIRL FRIDAY

  • not only is it the best place to buy a gift for someone else, but Ketchum Flower Company/Girl Friday is the best place to buy an affordable gift for yourself! we have both gotten several clothing items and Taylor recently scored an amazing sale deal on a dress she had been eyeing for months.


best place to buy a present for yourself (may break the bank) —  SWAY

  • we love Sway and will likely always love Sway despite their price point, which seems to be gradually rising. when it first opened down the block by Velocio we both scored several closet staples…summer dresses, wedding-guest dresses, lace bralets, leather pants, jewelry.


best place to buy something a little special for that someone —  MADELINE & OLIVER

  • whether it is a little something, something (aka lingerie) for yourself or your special someone or a gift for a bridal shower, this is the place to go. it is like lace heaven…


best place to buy workout gear —  SQN

  • SQN is definitely hitting higher on everyone’s radars recently and for good reason. they make fairly affordable, workout gear that easily transitions to the Ketchum dress-code of “lifestyle wear.” there “tunic” style shirts and long sleeve shirts are incredibly soft and easy to solely live in.


best home décor store —  HUCK & PADDLE

  • rustic, Idaho, outdoorsy yet still classy home decor. need we say more?


best “lust-over” home décor store —  PICKET FENCE

  • and while we want one of everything, our pocket books need to be just a bit deeper for The Picket Fence. but it is still very worthy of some lusting and a splurge every now and then!


best paper store —  WILLOW PAPERY

  • Willow Papery is paper, ribbon and little gift heaven. we both absolutely adore this store and usually frequent it weekly.


best locally made product —  SUN VALLEY MUSTARD

  • mustard is where it is at. and Sun Valley Mustard never disappoints. the flavors are spot on and it’s perfect to keep in your cupboard for so many occasions.


best grocery store —  ATKINSONS’

  • while a majority of our paychecks goes to this fine establishment we really cannot complain. we have one of the finest grocery stores in probably the world and you can literally buy anything and everything you could ever want in one stop. also true to their family values, they have an incredible return policy.


best local company —  FIRST LITE

  • we debatably lead quite similar lives as the boys now both work at First Lite, after Cha-se recently joined the man crew there. this company is truly outstanding. their product, their service, their dog policy and the way they take care of their employees (and pseudo-families) is something that every company should strive for. we can’t say enough good things about First Lite. also you will likely see us both sporting some new women’s gear!





best place to wash your dog —  THE LAUNDROMUTT

  • no one likes a dirty dog and they make the deed so much easier (aka no bathtub, mixing bowls and water all over your house involved).

best veterinary clinic —  SUN VALLEY ANIMAL CENTER

  • another fine family establishment in the Wood River Valley. we cannot give high enough praise to the Sun Valley Animal Center and all of their veterinarians and vet techs. they are like a family and help you through the best and worst of times.
  • plus our lovely friend maggie happens to be a badass vet there!


best manicure/pedicure —  IN-N-OUT SALON

  •  there are some things in life that just make you feel better. having your nails done is one of them. they will do a fabulous job and you wont regret it. there are just somethings worth it in life and this salon is one of them.

best place for a facial or massageZENERGY SPA

  • this picture says it all…



  • both of these salons and both of these women are geniuses. neither of us are super fussy about our hair and they manage to wrangle our manes for perfect, everyday hair. and this gives an option in Ketchum & Hailey!

best place to go bare —  BARE WAXING BOUTIQUE

  • when it comes to hot wax near precious (or not so precious) patches of hair, you want someone you trust. and lea is your woman for hot wax without regrets.
  • she just had the most adorable baby but will be back in September and I know we speak for most when we say she cant come back soon enough!


best nonprofit —  THE ADVOCATES

  • the Advocates mission is to build a community that is free of emotional and physical violence. the organization, the support and annual gala are equally as strong as the mission.


best place to stock up on crafting materials —  JANE’S and KING’S

  • while we don’t have a “Michael’s” (probably for the best as it would eat us alive), Jane’s and King’s provide pretty much anything you could ever need for crafting! taylor has also pretty much bought out their supply of chalkboard pens. they are game changers!

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.52.06 AM


best photographer —  RAY GADD

  • ray’s images below speak for themselves. he is an extraordinary lifestyle, outdoors, event and wedding photographer. there is nothing that this man cannot capture!


best pharmacy —  THE APOTHECARY

  • the ladies (and gentlemen) at the Apothecary will take care of you like you are their own family. this is the place to fill any and every prescription!


best place to get a deal —  SUN VALLEY REAL DEALS

  • Sun Valley Real Deals is our Idaho version of “Groupon.” it’s fabulous and sends you frequent e-mails with local deals! a must sign up!


best blog —  the BRASS BLOSSOM…duh

  • obvi! need we say more?





best annual eventWINE AUCTION, VINE AND DINE

  • you pay your entrance to wine and food heaven. about $100 gets you a glass, unlimited pours and a good wine hangover if you so choose. it’s also the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, another incredibly, local organization. Idaho always needs a bit more art and culture…



  • the Symphony is brilliant because it lasts most of the summer and is literally whatever you want to make it. you can simply bring a blanket and go horizontal and zone or you can make it into a picnic, extravaganza. the choice is yours but the music, the atmosphere and the views are always spectacular.



  • clearly we love Idaho boys (they technically claim Texas but that’s just absurd)…look them up, become a fangirl (or fanboy), stare at them absurdly in local bars. do it.



best aprés ski/any sun valley approved activity spot APPLE’S

  • located at the base of the mountain, Apple’s has it made. after burning all those calories skiing (and let’s be real, having your legs burn like hell), a post-ski beer just hits the spot.


best place to see a movieMAGIC LANTERN

  • pretty much the only place to see a movie but it still is the best! they obviously have great movie theater popcorn and provide strong pours of wine. a winning combo.


best season — SUMMER

  • there is no comparison to a Sun Valley Summer – dry heat, sun shine, big thunder-busting rain showers, wildflowers and views like this…


best place to liveKETCHUM

  • while neither of us have techincally lived “south,” we still vote Ketchum for best 20-something place to live. super easy access to workouts, bars, restaurants and all those fun things! we will likely feel different in a decade….

best place to instagramBALDY or VIEWS OF BALDY

  •  yes, this really is a category and no, you cannot go wrong with a Baldy view. another do it.





best winter activitySKIING, closely followed by hot-tubbing or eating a baked potato at SEATTLE RIDGE

  • too many amazing winter activities but the good news is that you can literally do them all in one day!

cant beat this view

best summer activity — HIKING

  • there is no comparison to a Sun Valley Summer and hiking to places like this where you don’t see a soul and are surrounded on all sides by untouched wilderness. it is an experience everyone should experience (like every weekend). hiking definitely keeps us sane and wanderlusting.

the brass blossom + pars does goat lake

best lake sceneREDFISH

  •  redfish lake was a close runner up for “best place to instagram” as demonstrated below. redfish lake is literally Idaho paradise. there is sun, water, and mountains that rise straight up to the sky. the potential sunburn

Redfish Lake

best gymZENERGY

  •  Zenergy is likely the nicest gym, spa, pool you will ever go to. and for all you nay sayers, they are really making a good effort to make affordable memberships. another do it. we promise there is nothing about zenergy you will regret.
  • they also have amazing classes. from hot yoga that taylor lives for to a barre class with the most lust worthy instructor ever (with a man bun!), you will leave Zenergy feeling like the 50 year old soccer mom just kicked your ass (and that is because she did).

best place to break a sweatSUN VALLEY CROSSFIT

  • in taylor’s opinion there is no better “i have one hour and need to get shit done” workout than Crossfit. literal game changer. #pumped.


best place to swim and catch some sun raysZENERGY

  • we already raved about Zenergy and this picture proves why. the Zenergy pool is the place to go when you need some vitamin d and self love.


best weekend getawaySTANLEY and REDFISH LAKE

  • the Stanley Basin is so close, yet such a different world. it might possibly be the most beautiful (along with coldest) place in the United States. when you need to disconnect and recharge head north.

view of the sawtooth mountain range from just outside the bakery

best tourist activityGONDOLA TO ROUNDHOUSE

  •  the Gondola up River Run to Roundhouse is a more recent addition of Sun Valley and it is a good one. not only does if offer the perfect amount of time to get your shit together before skiing but it also offers rides straight up to the iconic Roundhouse if you choose to forgo the skis, and boots, and poles, and helmet, and goggles, and mittens and handwarmers.
  • one word: fondue.

best after-work hikePROCTOR

  • Proctor mountain holds a special place in Krista’s heart with a beautiful cairn for her father. the cairn sits at a spot where there is literally no better view of the valley.
  • Proctor is also the perfect, quick hike. it takes just over an hour and offers just enough uphill to make you feel like you’ve done something worthwhile.

baldy view

best day hikePIONEER CABIN

  • there was this one time that we were rescued from Taylor’s mother while hiking to Pioneer Cabin from Johnstone Creek but other than that, you literally cannot go wrong with this hike. the pioneers, the cabin and the motto are breathtaking and refreshing.
  • make sure to bring a lot of water and maybe leave your doggie friends at home for this hike as there is no water and it is one of those hikes that is all up and then all down. and no, there is no running water in the cabin…


best place to take the dogs for a walkWARM SPRINGS DOG PARK

  • the picture says it all…dog heaven. #reincarnation?

best place to take the dogs for a swimSUN VALLEY POND

  • while we frequent the Hulen Meadows Pond quite often and it offers a different vantage of Baldy, the Sun Valley Pond gets our vote for the best doggie swim spot because it is safe and you know what you are going to get. Sun Valley dogs literally have the best life ever…


best deck — LEFTY’s

  •  maybe the boy’s are onto something always hanging out on the Lefty’s deck…it wins for the best deck in town with plenty of both sunshine and shade, good drinks and amazing friends – and you can usually find one or two every time you go!

krista and taylor


brass blossom

best of june — news, views, laughs, reads, and eats

With a hectic summer, bi-monthly weekend love its just aren’t looking like an attainable reality for me. So, I am going to focus on the best of each month instead. Here’s a look at an action-packed June!

1. best news

Some of the best people I know recently welcomed and are about to welcome a sweet little babe to the world! After a long-awaited gender reveal, miss Makena Wigell made her debut fashionably late just in time for Fourth of July weekend on July 2. I can’t wait to meet this sweet thing!

Christmas may come a little early with BBP (baby bob Parker, although gender officially TBD), the on-the-way cutie of my cousin’s. Congrats to all! So excited to meet our newest family members!

baby girl Makena Wigell

sweet baby girl, Makena Wigell

2. best views

The Idaho outdoors didn’t fail to inspire this month, with a much-needed work retreat to MeadowCreek Spa in Stanley, an epic hike up to Pioneer Cabin (which I will forever refer to as the “death hike”), a beautiful birthday at Redfish Lake (although in my post-hike exhaustion I failed to take a single photo), and a country song-worthy night on Silvercreek with some of my all-time favorites.





a nice little ride in the "Freedom"

a nice little ride in the “Freedom”



3. best laughs

I traveled to South Lake Tahoe for the boy’s sister’s amazing bachelorette party. We had an incredible time with some cocktails, beach time, flip cup, gambling, pool time, and of course, lots of dancing. Our official mascot really brought some laughs and opened some doors for us. What a great weekend! Can’t wait to stand by her side when she marries her dream guy on July 18!


some late night noms at The Lucky Beaver — Lei and all

some late night noms at The Lucky Beaver — Lei and all

the only thing that could save me on Sunday — a poolside rootbeer float

the only thing that could save me on Sunday — a poolside rootbeer float

so much margarita

so much margarita

the mascot...

the mascot…

fresh faced at the first dinner

fresh faced at the first dinner

bachelorette sash

bachelorette sash

adorable hair ties from Etsy, organized by the maid of honor

adorable hair ties from Etsy, organized by the maid of honor

survival kits, also from Etsy and organized by the maid of honor

survival kits, also from Etsy and organized by the maid of honor

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve noticed that Amy Schumer is killing it, as evidenced by this hysterical video. Thanks to my cousin Heather for bringing this to my attention!

4. best goosebump moments

“strong alone, champions together.” How badass is the US Women’s Soccer Team?! Congrats to the World Cup Champs — what an incredible tournament and well-deserved win! Thanks for an empowering and inspiring June. Here’s a great recap from the NY Times, an interesting observation of the correlation between sporting success and gender equality, and a look at the media’s treatment of own goals for men vs. women.


My cousin Heather and I traveled to a strip mall in Garden City to see Randy Rogers Band, and it was truly amazing. He sang an incredible single off his new album that he dedicated to his newborn daughter that he lost far too soon. Other than that emotional moment, it was a great opportunity for some singing, dancing, and some vodka sodas in the VIP section!


My other cousin (yes, as a friend informed me, I have cousins coming out of my ears) works for one of my favorite nonprofits, the Advocates. They hosted their annual Black and White Soiree in mid June, and it was a smashing success. They brilliantly connected their attendees to the cause when they had their teen interns read powerful, disconcerting anonymous responses from their work with Green Dot. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, and the paddles flew! Congrats to Anna on a job well done, and thank you to the Advocates for your great work!

chilling statistics

chilling statistics


date night with mom

date night with mom

great minds think alike! No, we didn't plan this...

great minds think alike! No, we didn’t plan this…

5. best reads

A friend and classmate reposted this article titled “The Hardest Part of Grieving: Actually Allowing Yourself to Do It” that she wrote about grief after losing her mom to cancer, and I am thankful. Sara perfectly and concisely sums up so many misconceptions and lessons about grief that everyone should read. She even bolded the important parts!

After ugly crying through parts of The Theory of Everything, I instantly started Googling. What an inspiring movie, which very much deserves every bit of notoriety it has received. I love these quotes from Steven Hawking, especially, “One: remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two: never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three: if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is rare and don’t throw it away.” (His advice for his 3 children.) His quotes depict his good humor, humility, and amazing attitude. We can all learn from him!


6. best eats and drinks

No post would be complete without a nod to some eating and drinking…I had one of the best home-cooked meals of my life at my mom’s when a dear family friend dry roasted whole chickens (cut in half) and served them with with an incredible herb chimichurri sauce and grilled pineapple pieces. I ate 3/4 of a chicken, no joke. I am going to try to replicate this soon — no way it will come close, but I have to try!


yum! the ultimate summer plate

yum! the ultimate summer plate

Ketchum has welcomed two new restaurants recently, which is always exciting news to me. The genius Mason family opened Town Square Tavern, which features incredible interior design by our favorite, Jennifer Hoey, and an inventive Mediterranean/world cuisine menu. I’m not usually a dessert girl, but their desserts — and the duck confit ravioli — were to die for.

just a sample of the incredible interior design at Town Square Tavern — no website yet to flaunt the menu!

just a sample of the incredible interior design at Town Square Tavern — no website yet to flaunt the menu!

The second is the Warfield Distillery and Brewery. Ketchum has needed something exactly like this place for several years. True to their name, they brew their own beer and distill their own booze. While their technical soft opening is this weekend, Community School alumni were lucky enough to sample some of their delicious (so so good!) food and cocktails at a very soft opening over Fourth of July weekend. Can’t wait to sit down for dinner and enjoy some drinks on the rooftop deck this summer!


7. best guy

Cheers to this guy, who has been putting up with my ocd tendencies, obsession with bad TV and nonstop social schedule for half a decade. Love you, Cha-se!




cheers krista


brass blossom

weekend love it — summer in full force!

You know it’s a Ketchum summer when it would be more time effective to park at the edge of town and just walk everywhere. Intersections are a joke, and visiting families have officially arrived….with their small children, eagerness and socks with sandals style.

Things are busy busy, but I refuse to miss out — I’ve always had a serious case of FOMO. Here’s what I’ve been loving this last week of June. July, here we come!

1. Giving Back: The Wood River Valley supports more than 150 nonprofits with a combined population of under 20,000 people. That’s pretty incredible, and I’m proud to call this place home. It’s a true community. The Advocates for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is one of these nonprofits, and my dear cousin Anna recently chaired their Black and White Soiree fundraiser. I was more than happy to attend and support the worthy cause, and my lovely cousin. She did a fabulous job, and I was so proud of her! The decor was fabulous, the speakers moved everyone to tears and the entertainment was top-notch.

a worthy cause

a worthy cause

the full view at trail creek

the full view at trail creek

my dear aunt and uncle supporting their daughter in style

my dear aunt and uncle supporting their daughter in style

pretty bouquets in bright pink vases

pretty bouquets in bright pink vases

having a little fun...rear view

having a little fun…rear view

keeping with the theme

keeping with the theme

2. Love: I recently had the honor of being a “weekend of” wedding coordinator for a beautiful couple. I’ve always enjoyed event production, and this was a perfect opportunity to “get my feet wet” with a larger scale event (185 people). It was a great learning experience, and the wedding was lovely, rustic, unique, playful,and sincere. Thank you to Ashley and TJ, and congratulations! I can’t wait to see all of the photos of the big day. What a beautiful occasion!


stunning setting in adam’s gulch

I love this message, their logo, and the overall feel

I love this message, their logo, and the overall feel

3: Big Beers on a Sunny Day on a Shady Deck: With the summer heat wave hitting, nothing sounds better on a summer evening than a cold beer with friends on an awesome deck. One such awesome deck is at Grumpy’s, where you need two hands to drink their trademark schooners a.k.a. “day enders” as the boy likes to call them. We had a great time with family and friends on Sunday. Cheers to many more deck beers to come!

yummy schooner

yummy schooner

goofballs...check out anna's hat

goofballs…check out anna’s hat

4. Cruisin’ through K-Town: I’ve wanted to live in the heart of town ever since I moved back here after college, and that wish finally came true this spring. I purchased this cute Schwinn black and gold cruiser bike probably 6 years ago from PK’s in Ketchum, and maybe had the opportunity to ride it a dozen times between pouring rain in Eugene and too much uphill travel to or from town. Now, I’m making up for lost time in a big way. Every time I get on it, I think of Rachel McAdams in espadrilles in Wedding Crashers, and that sweet “In The Summertime” song chimes in my mind.

my cute cruiser!

my cute cruiser!

5. Fire Pit for Two: Between a hectic, non-stop weekend and anticipation of the even crazier week to come, the boy and I made an effort to have some casual time at home, just the two of us. We mixed some raspberry lemonade margs, cooked some fish tacos, and enjoyed the fire pit in our “side yard.” It was simple, carefree and a perfect way to end the weekend. Also, I am so beyond proud of him for “landing” the cover of The Drake, the most popular fly-fishing magazine.

the boy's photo on the cover!

the boy’s photo on the cover!

fish tacos made with fish caught in Mexico

fish tacos made with fish caught in Mexico

nothing's better than sitting around a fire

nothing’s better than sitting around a fire

go ducks!

go ducks!



6. America and this Flask: I’m so excited to watch the USA vs. Belgium, and I’m so glad Anne Coulter gave us some solid comic material over the weekend. What a crazy, huh? I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!



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