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wednesday ramblings – just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean you can’t be it

It’s been quite a while since I have blogged. I have been busy with school, trying to make the most of my last couple of months in Seattle and in general, just living life. But whenever I feel like everything is starting to spin out of control, I always return to “The Brass Blossom.” I feel like it is a space where I feel safe, but I also feel like I can stretch my wings. Writing a blog post always makes me feel both grounded and empowered all at the same time. So I return to the trust worthy BB this week to share some thoughts….

This week has just been one of those weeks. I have felt like I was just in a funk. Being in Grad School at the ripe age of 27, I feel like I am just in the wrong place, at entirerly the wrong time in my life. Even though I always try to focus on the present and how “comparison is the thief of joy,” sometimes I just want to give into comparison and by like, “you win!” I see everyone else getting married, getting lady boss jobs, having babies and in general, just kicking ass in life, while I am over here like, what pages do I need to read for economics?

To add to this funk, my best of friends from Idaho are all going to the women’s march this weekend in Boise. I just felt left out and sick of being away. It didn’t help that Seattle decided that this week would be the prime time to start torrentially raining again and I just feel stuck. Both physically in the rain and in Seattle but also mentally.

I also happened to actually be stuck on the bus when all of this came crashing down on me. I was talking to my mom and she asked if something “happened.” I couldn’t even say yes. There wasn’t just one thing or even really a thing. It was just a bunch of stuff. So naturally when she asked if I was okay, I started crying and then it got awkward because I was having a minor public meltdown on a very public bus. And the girl behind me wouldn’t stop staring. This was probably due to the fact that I also chose the one sit that is perpendicular to all of the others and is smack dab in the middle of the bus, because apparently it is the safest. So I just rode it out. The tears, the stares, which probably weren’t even stares but just poor bus seating. But hey, at least I was in the safest spot. It was just a no good, very bad, but really in the scheme of things, not so bad moment. Disclaimer: this is why you don’t have personal conversations on the bus, so you don’t appear to be unstable.

But then later, an amazing friend inspired me. She inspired me out of my funk and inspired my weekend. She proposed that this weekend we celebrate all of the things that women can do. Regardless of your political stance, or what you think about e-mails, health insurance or who to tax, one thing that I hope all women can agree on is that this election was discouraging for at least one reason. That one reason alone is that a woman still is not and cannot be the wholly President of the United States of America. You can’t be what you can’t see.

So as someone who is generally pretty lady boss focused and a results oriented person, I think that celebrating all that I can be is a pretty fine way to turn around my week. I can celebrate wanting to be a lady boss and achieving that. I can celebrate buying a tweed blazer with fantastic elbow patches to one day wear to a board meeting to lean in. I can celebrate drinking whiskey. I can celebrate my body for what it can do, not what it looks like. I can celebrate crushing it at Crossfit. I can celebrate being independent but also being encouraged – by a family, a boyfriend and friends that encourage me to my highest potential. I can celebrate growing up in a home that didn’t solely define gender roles and limit that very potential. I can celebrate choosing to have children or not. I can celebrate reading a health law book just before finishing my trashy romance novel. I can celebrate choosing a career, whether it be a CEO or a calligrapher. I can celebrate that I am intelligent, athletic, strong, motivated and maybe, even witty. And I can celebrate me.

So I encourage you this weekend to celebrate the things that you can do, regardless of your gender. Don’t focus on the funk (or the flu as it is going around like wild-fire – stay healthy people!). Focus on the future and what we can do. And as I’m walking my own walk and talking my own talk, remember, especially all you boss ladies out there, that just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean you can’t be it.


taylor brass

brass blossom

best of may – mojo, bachelorette mischief, morels & resiliency

May was one of those months where I think I lost my mojo. Jupiter was in retrograde for most of the month but I think it was more than that. All in all it was a fantastic month but nothing quite went as planned…

In the process of tracking down a missing Lululemon Gift Card (for which I probably would have gone to the end of the Earth to find), I managed to lock myself out of my apartment in Seattle wearing nothing but sweat pants and a white tank top and simultaneously kill the battery in my car by leaving a light on (not to be discovered until days later). Thankfully a pizza guy came to my rescue 30 minutes into sitting by the door nipping out with no bra on. And that was just one night.

P.S. You can learn how to jump a car on Google. #modernwoman

Then American Airlines changed my flight suddenly at 11:00 pm the night before I was supposed to fly out and also managed to lose my bag between Seattle and Phoenix. I was on my way to the most fantastic Bachelorette weekend celebrating my favorite dino friend. My bag ended up going all the way to Hawaii without me (seriously sad) leaving me to clothe myself in all of the offered belongings from my very nice friends. And again, naturally I wore yoga pants and a sports bra on the plane so I was pretty defenseless when it came to extra undergarments.

Please learn from my mistakes and make sure when you leave your home to always, always bring keys and wear underwear and a bra and even pack an extra or two in your carry on so you don’t have to nip out to a pizza guy, go commando for several days or borrow what turned out to be a very nice pair of underwear. Also you never give back borrowed underwear. Rule #1 of life.

But enough about my May craziness that seemed to always come back to undergarments and on to the good stuff! Here is what I loved!

1. #dinotribe. Despite not having any luggage for most of the trip and having to deal with American Airlines for too many hours (they were absolute miserable and not at all helpful), the highlight of May was my trip to Phoenix to celebrate one of my greatest friend’s bachelorette party. I also cannot wait to be with her on her wedding day! She was that friend in college who suddenly just appeared like a bright, loving, generous, compassionate, brilliant light and never left (in a good way). She is also my favorite person to snuggle and make pug and dinosaur noises. She is that type of friend.

We spent the weekend enjoying the scorching hot weather, drinking too much alcohol and laughing literally the entire time. Highlights included a run that turned into a two hour adventure lost in the desert, posing with cacti, blowing up giant pool floaties by mouth, strapping down that one friend who had too much to drink on a pool floatie in the middle of the living room to sleep next to a bowl, late night talks, the absurd pictures that were captured and 5 am walks in the sunrise. It was truly one of the greatest weekends where we all fell back into those insanely comfortable relationships we had in college and made some new incredible friends. Love you all!

just the beginning...

just the beginning…

the most beautiful bride to be (& her dino!)

the most beautiful bride to be (& her dino!)


running with bae

running with bae

we may have been lost but that didn't stop us from impersonating cacti

we may have been lost but that didn’t stop us from impersonating cacti


my happy place

my happy place

before one of the most fun nights that i have ever had

before the insanity





❤ my bri bird



5 am sunrise walks

5 am sunrise walks

2. reading on the bus. I’m not certain how it took me so long to figure this one out. I rode the bus everyday to and from school. I spent anywhere between 20-3o minutes on the bus but never felt like it was enough time one be that one person to dig through their bag and pull out a book and spill the bag’s contents everywhere. But when modern technology meets having a gigantic iPhone 6+ it turns out you can read quite comfortably on your phone!

I ended up reading nine books in May. Yes, nine! One of which was Grey (aka 50 Shades of Grey told by the male character). I figured since I went to Grad School and learned useful and smart things everyday that I could read trashy novels on the bus. And yes, it was fantastic just like the first novels and pretty much word for word the first book. Definitely a great summer read!


3. home for a break. I started the month off with a fantastic trip home. To maintain my sanity in Seattle I tried to go home at least once a quarter to cram in as many Idaho activities and love as possible. This break topped the charts with lots of friend-time, dog hikes, days of morel mushroom hunting and time spent with the boy and my Maude Pod. It literally couldn’t have been more perfect.

birthday love!

birthday love!

my favorite hiking buddies <3

my favorite hiking buddies ❤


sunrise hikes

sunrise hikes with my brass blossom boyfriend




a trip home wouldn't be complete without some goat love!

a trip home wouldn’t be complete without some goat love!

4. may morels. During my visit back to Idaho in May, the boy and I spent the majority of two days hunting for morel mushrooms. Other than finding a lone morel hiking last summer I had never gotten into the hunt. But let me tell you, it is one of the most addicting activities that I have ever participated in. The boy and I went with some friends and simply wandered in circles around in the woods for hours and hours with the pups. I now understand the Gold Rush.

The only thing that stopped us both days was when the girls got hangry. Lesson learned boys: always bring snacks for your girlfriends when morel hunting. Wine and cheese would be a great start.

look at this things!

look at this things!




my love bugs + morels = perfect day

my love bugs + morels = the perfect day


i promise she loves us

i promise she loves us

post-adventures schooners

post-adventures schooners

lovers <3

lovers ❤

5. sheryl sandberg does it again. I was recently asked who I want to be when I grow up? Apparently I’m not grown up but not the point. My first thought was Sheryl Sandberg. Not only because she is a badass COO but also because she seems to just get it. Her recent “getting it” was a Graduation speech she gave to Berkeley. She touched on many things but what got to me most was her note about resiliency:

“And when the challenges come, I hope you remember that anchored deep within you is the ability to learn and grow. You are not born with a fixed amount of resilience. Like a muscle, you can build it up, draw on it when you need it. In that process you will figure out who you really are — and you just might become the very best version of yourself.”


6. honey. My one major complaint about Grad School is the fact that it has really cut down on my online shopping. While this is sad and all I think that I will survive, especially after coming across this life changing online shopping app, called Honey. I’ve probably spent a good amount of my precious life searching for promo codes to get discounts or free shipping while online shopping. But when you download Honey it does it all for you! Simply install it to Google Chrome and a little icon will appear when you go to check out! I literally saved 60% off the other day when I ordered some paper invites.

Feel free to use my code to join because it also gives you points to redeem when you share with friends!

Code to Join:

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best of spring — escapes, endeavors, and improvements

simultaneously sunny and stormy

simultaneously sunny and stormy

I haven’t written a general update post in awhile, and I think they’re important.

I was told recently during an argument that I have a hard time “turning off.” That simple observation stuck with me more than whatever we were fighting about, because it’s true. I think I tend to live my life at such a constant break-neck pace — a pace that ensures distraction — because I’m afraid of what will happen, or what I will feel, when I stop. I find that I’m sometimes scared of unstructured time or absolute silence, unless it’s on my own terms. I suppose that’s because I know what feelings seem to creep in during those times…feelings of loneliness, abandonment, and fear.

This spring season has offered several opportunities to reflect on that simple fact, to act on it, and to work at reversing it. The spring, true to tradition, was a time of new beginnings, cleaning (both literally and figuratively), improvements, and escapes. Here’s a look:

1. méxico escape: We booked incredibly-priced tickets to Cabo Pulmo in early May for a long weekend of vacation with Chase’s family. The trip came at the perfect time — just after a major work event, and in the depths of bipolar spring mountain weather. The trip was rejuvenating, but I also came home with the new realization that I have a hard time fully letting go and relaxing when on a brief trip, which is just not ok with me and something I’m going to work on. Regardless, the trip kicked off with an incredible (although belated after a flight delay, three u-turns and misleading road signs) at Flora Farm in San Jose del Cabo. I think I could move there tomorrow and live a happy life between the gardens, orchards, cottages, wine shop, espresso, boutiques, and crazy delicious restaurant. The rest of our Mexico time was spent fishing (although my fishing experience was hindered a bit by a double dose of dramamine), time on the beach, and great food and company. The other lesson I learned: Put sunscreen on your lips. Always.

happy to have made it on the plane!

happy to have made it on the plane!

first stop, flora farm

first stop, flora farm


shopping for some mother's day treasures

shopping for some mother’s day treasures

had to make a stop at the wine/espresso bar

had to make a stop at the wine/espresso bar


i think the chairs suited us well, no?

a brief awake/aware moment

a brief awake/aware moment

jenna committing to the fish

jenna committing to the fish


cabo pulmo bound


lighthouse beach



it was a little too crowded…


Pablo and Ingri


the cruiser

2. krista detwiler, Stella & Dot Stylist: In April, I signed up to be a Stella & Dot stylist, and I am having a blast so far. I originally fell in love with their products almost exactly a year ago. I hosted a show at my home a few months later, and my admiration for Stella & Dot’s product line and business philosophy grew — I love that Stella & Dot was founded by women, for women. I work in a full-time job, which I’m very fulfilled by, but Stella & Dot offers a fun and flexible addition. My goal is to put some extra cash in the bank for my honeymoon and home improvement purchases. Check out this interview with the founder with my former classmate, Caroline Fairchild, and if you have your eye on some new jewelry and accessories or need a great gift for someone in your life, here’s my Stella & Dot page. Thank you for your support, and keep an eye out for an invite to my “Launch” show on June 14.




3. home improvements: True to my original Marie Kondo revelation, I’ve been making an effort to make pointed home improvements. I now always have an eye for de-cluttering, and I’ve been able to better prioritize those home purchases that would, you guessed it, spark the most joy. I’ve been doing my best to pair these purchases with my very best bargain hunting so I can strike when the time is right. I purchased these world market atlantic blue dining chairs for a little drama in the dining room (complete with a feather pillow from The Gardens), as well as this incredible west elm chandelier — let there be light! My wedding registry has also created a fun opportunity to imagine my ideal home. Next up, I’m going to paint some walls! Woohoo!

stella & dot plus chandelier

stella & dot plus chandelier


4. southfork of the snake float: More to come on this most excellent Idaho Adventure, but a group of us took advantage of the three-day weekend and spent two nights on the Southfork of the Snake River in southeastern Idaho. It was an incredible experience with great friends in a beautiful setting, with plenty of yummy camp food and lots of laughs. We can’t wait to go back again this summer for part 2!


ultimate relaxation


camp food done right


hot potato


parley’s day in paradise


baby blue

5. wardrobe updates:  Being engaged has done some crazy things to my online shopping habits…Good thing I gravitate toward those sites that have incredible return policies (ahem, revolve, get out of my head). Here are a few of my absolute favorite purchases of late:

enida schutz heel

enida schutz heel

j brand super skinny floral pant

j brand super skinny floral pant

tularosa x revolve charmer plunge romper

tularosa x revolve charmer plunge romper

alice + olivia jaya top

alice + olivia jaya top

nasty gal carousel embroidered dress

nasty gal carousel embroidered dress

breeze to death floral kimono

breeze to death floral kimono

6. may babies and celebrations: turns out many of my favorite people were born in May. I’ve had so much fun celebrating their big days, along with nothing at all — from a “fish fry” to impromptu late night green chef meals, to hikes and dog walks, I am so thankful to be surrounded by great friends and positive people.


the fish fry master





coloring with the coloring master





tori and some beautiful birthday cupcakes


7. those brief moments: I had a moment when I was driving home from a movie last Sunday afternoon — I’d just eaten a pound of popcorn, had a movie theatre glass of wine, and laughed until my belly hurt. The sun was shining after two days of frigid snow and rain, the windows were down, and driving home was like an instagram sensation. Spring here is both brief and brilliant — the rapid growth of blossoming trees, bright green leaves, bushy wildflowers, and even weeds is the stuff of emo daydreams. Couldn’t tell you what it was, but the perfect song was playing on the radio, and I was headed home to a man (and two dogs) that love me. And basically, that was all that mattered, and in that moment, I was sublimely happy.


Wishing you all an amazing summer. I know they can fly by, so I hope you can all pause more — like I am trying to — and enjoy the brief moments of simple perfection.


best of march – winter wonderland adventures, dirt therapy, goat escapades & thank yous

March was one of those months when everything just seemed to align flawlessly. I finished my second quarter of Grad School and returned home for most of the month to live the life of funemployment.

Funemployment in Sun Valley takes funemployment to an entirerly new dimension. There are just so many activities, incredible people and goats, hills to be climbed, sun to be enjoyed and dogs to be walked that the time just flies by. During my time at home it hit me after a dinner conversation with our friends, how wholesome Idaho life can be. It is simple in the most perfect way with a deep connection to not only the most amazing people with the kindest hearts you will ever meet but also it encompasses a deep connection to literally everything that surrounds you. I fell into a slower pace of life that ironically went by so much faster.

Needless to say being at home for most of March filled my soul with goodness and a new sense of I can take the rest of Grad School by storm, or at least one more quarter for the first year. So here is what I thoroughly enjoyed in the month of March!

1. snapshots from home. So much goodness all the time!

love this place!

love this place!

so much snow, so much fun

so much snow, so much fun

black dogs for days

black dogs for days


so many dog hikes

so many dog hikes

when your goats live in a winter wonderland

when your goats live in a winter wonderland

goat walks

goat walks


the perfect spring skiing day

the perfect spring skiing day



no complaints! favorite ladies and favorite place!

no complaints! favorite ladies and favorite place!

2. winter wonderland adventures. I convinced/dragged/demanded that the boy hike into Redfish Lake with me and the Smash Sisters one lovely weekend afternoon. The boy wasn’t too thrilled with the idea but appeased me. So we set off for Redfish Lake and it literally couldn’t have been more lovely.

I absolutely love Redfish in the summer but our friend Abbey has told us about how different yet serene it is to hike into the lake in the Winter. Since she is one of those people I always just believe/trust with my life I figured it was worth a few mile hike in. I white lied to the boy about how far we would actually be walking and we set out from the highway into the lake. It was a perfectly easy walk in hiking shoes on the packed down trail from snowmobiles and we arrived at the lake in no time after “sooooo many miles.”

The lake was pretty much deserted and we took a little cat nap in the sun on the porch of the lodge. Between the sun beating down, the pups running around like wild smash sisters and resting my head on the boy’s legs it was the perfect afternoon cat nap. One of those afternoons when you wish you could press pause. We headed out after a bit and I even got a bit of sun in my tank top. Most definitely an afternoon that cannot be beaten. Moral of the story: hike into Redfish Lake in the Winter even though it is “sooooo many miles.”

ready to roll!

ready to roll!

par pars got to ride up front for a bit

par pars got to ride up front for a bit




the smash sisters weren't as into the cat nap as we were

the smash sisters weren’t as into the cat nap as we were



post-hike sunburn selfies...

post-hike sunburn selfies…still laughing!

3. playing in dirt. The boy and I have several house plants that I am baffled have made it thus far. We love keeping them alive because they just offer the perfect amount of green and freshness to fill our apartment. By far our favorite is Stanley. Stanley is a lucky bamboo that the boy got for my for Valentine’s Day back in 2010. That’s right 2010. How he is still alive is a mystery to us all. It has been a labor of love.

Stanley is now over three feet tall and a growing machine. He has survived various trips back and forth between Eugene and Idaho as well as various houses in Idaho and various transplants. However, Stanley once again outgrew his home and desperately needed a transplant.

So over my break, I decided that all our houseplants were in need of a transplant along with Stanley. We also received quite a few plants after the boys accident and I have this crazy idea that they have juju and we must keep them alive and prosperous. So naturally on the one day it decided to dump snow and was 30 degrees I set out on my mission. This resulted in the kitchen and me being covered in dirt and rocks but it was well worth the 4 hours of playing in the dirt. It was oddly therapeutic and satisfying at the end when I looked at all of our plant babies in their new homes. Plus I bought a gold leafed pot for our new succulent friends which is just too cute not to share!

stanley goes for a ride to pick a new pot!

stanley goes for a ride to pick a new pot!

stanley's crazy roots

stanley’s crazy roots

new succulent friends

new succulent friends


just a bit of a mess....

just a bit of a mess….

4. goat escapades. Oh my the goats. Nothing bad can ever be said about the goats but they were quite naughty during March. Goats are fairly smart creatures who have a reputation for liking to escape. We never really saw that side of our goats until they figured out they could walk on top of the snow crust and essentially take flying leaps out of the corral.

From there they decided the next obviously place to go after escaping was climb up the snowbanks onto the garage roof. They would frolic and play and act like watch goats, which are worth less if you were wondering. There were many a days I would go to check up on the goats and find one, two, three or four on the roof. Too cute and actually ridiculous not the share!

Also clearly our goats aren’t the only escapees around! Millie recently took a stroll to Starbucks…

bad goats!

bad goats!

just goating around

just goating around



wrong way z-baby

wrong way z-baby

what happens when you constantly make jail breaks

what happens when you constantly make jail breaks

5. new obsessions – cauliflower rice + homeland. These two are entirely unrelated other than the fact that I have been binging on both. Trader Joe’s Organic Riced Cauliflower is essentially the greatest thing to hit stores since sliced bread. It has become a staple in my diet and is so, so, so simple to prepare and takes on the texture of grain in any recipe. If you have a craving you are more than welcome to come over and nom on the several bags I have stock piled.


Cauliflower rice and Homeland will probably be forever engrained in my mind as one because I generally enjoy them together. If you need a show to binge watch you cannot go wrong with Homeland. I was pretty obsessed there for a couple of weeks and have decided that I need to take a break for air, like fresh air. It’s that good and I can safely say all those Grad School tuition dollars are going to good use.


6. thank you’s. In the Year of Yes, Shondra Rhimes introduces the baffling yet very simple concept of simply saying “thank you” when given a compliment. When I first read about her describing how she never used to take a compliment and always deflected it a “but…” or something along those lines I didn’t quite get it. It wasn’t until I started noticing the way I receive compliments that it hit me hard. Most always when I receive a compliment I am hardwired to not just say “thank you” but rather I deflect it with something I did wrong or could or done better or some other insanity.

So thanks to Shondra Rhimes I have been trying to be more mindful of simply saying “thank you” when I receive a compliment. No matter how big or how small a “thank you” is always appropriate. I have found this challenged to be far greater than I ever expected and something that I think deserves pointing out. I am a complete perfectionist so to me there is always a bigger or better. But more often than not the job well done that someone else went out of their way to recognize deserves the thank you and period. Nothing less and nothing more, except probably a smile.

taylor brass

brass blossom

best of february — comparison is the thief of joy, wettest winter & goodness

All in all February was a fantastic month. To be honest though, Grad School is a bit of a roller-coaster with all of the work, emotions and just being at a different point in life than so many of my friends. There are many times when I just feel like I am going nowhere and so far behind in life. It’s especially hard when almost every day your focus is on where you will be in the future and you don’t even have a sense of an answer to this question.

But my mantra of recent months has been that “comparison is the thief of joy.” I tend to get really swept up in where I think I should be in life, rather than just focusing on the present. So I have made it my resolution this year live not comparing and just focus in on what makes me happy and “do me.” So with that in mind I have been loving going out to escape the city on a hiking adventures, enjoying the sunshine or going to yoga or just staying in to binge watch a TV show or just relax!

Also apparently this year has been the wettest Winter on record in Seattle. While the rain hasn’t gotten to me that much, I am so excited to go home for a few weeks this month for Spring Break for some Idaho sunshine and love!

Here is what I have been loving this February!

1. seattle explored. To escape the wettest winter on record I have made sure to take full advantage of any day that looks like it could be remotely sunny. I am very fortunate to have another Idaho partner-in-crime living in Seattle who also enjoys getting up early on weekends to go on an adventure and escape the city for a few hours. We always make sure to pack coffee, snacks, detox ginger tea and beer, our yak tracks (must have Winter hiking accessory!), extra socks and so many layers! So far we have ventured to Lake Serene, Discovery Park and Heather Lake. We ran into oodles of snow at both Lake Serene and Heather Lake. I love being able to hike in the Winter where you start on “dry” ground and end up just a couple thousand feet up surrounded by snow!

Another amazing adventure I went on recently was with a great friend from Grad School where we circumnavigated Lake Union. It ended up being about a half marathon work of walking but was the perfect way to spend an amazingly sunny Thursday afternoon. Seattle is quite possibly the most beautiful city when the sun is shining!

poo poo point for some sunshine

poo poo point for some sunshine

early bird gets the sunrise

early bird gets the sunrise

idaho adventure buddy!

idaho adventure buddy!



so much snow!

so much snow!

lake serene

lake serene

so excited!

so excited!


the best way to start the morning

the best way to start the morning


so much water

so much water

first glimpse of heather lake

first glimpse of heather lake


hiking selfies!

hiking selfies!


gas works park while circumnavigating lake union

gas works park while circumnavigating lake union

that skyline!

that skyline!

2. bridemaids x 2. I was asked by two of my very favorite people to stand by their sides during their special days. They are two of the kindest and most loyal friends and I’m soooooo excited! I cannot wait for all the pre-wedding shenanigans and being apart of their big days. Cheers to another Summer on the wedding circuit!








so pretty!

so pretty!



3. love at home. I escaped the wettest winter on record in Seattle early in the month to go home. I happened to get a cold right before leaving but the trek home was well worth it for all the love, sunshine, snuggles and more snuggles. Every time I enter the Wood River Valley I just feel a sense of peace and calm. It continually makes me even more thankful to come from such an amazing place with amazing people. So much love!

morning snuggles with my favorite pirate

morning snuggles with my favorite pirate

when the girls drive the truck

when the girls drive the big truck


casual game of sledge hockey

casual game of sledge hockey

greatest place ever

greatest place ever



tricky goats!


maude pod <3

maude pod ❤

my favorites!

my favorites!

4. good reads. My book choices recently might indicate that the Winter is getting to me a bit more than usual but the Target “self-help” section just really calls my name sometimes. Honestly there have been many times where I have gotten a bit down about living in Seattle by myself and all the stress that comes along with Grad School so I figured a bit of inspiration from Shonda Rhimes and my always favorite Cheryl Strayed couldn’t hurt.

I sped through both of these books and they are staples on my nightstand here for whenever I need a dose of inspiration. I would highly recommend both!



5. good tv. One name + one word says it all. JoJo + shiplap. For those of you that are similar cult followers you know what I am talking about. For those of you that haven’t been exposed to the greatest show ever let me introduce you to Fixer Upper. It is about a couple who live in Waco, Texas who take the worst house in the best neighborhood and make it into the house of your dreams.

I literally love everything about it, but mostly I just adore JoJo and her love for shiplap, subway tile, distressed wood, white, farm-life and the list goes on and on. I highly recommend a binge watching session right about now. JoJo (yes, we are on a first name basis) also has a blog….

6. good laughs. For those of you that have Instagram go follow Pumpkin the Raccoon right now. And if you don’t have Instagram, go stalk Pumpkin on whatever form of social media you see fit. You will not regret it.

Pumpkin is a rescued raccoon who lives somewhere tropical where the living is easy. Pumpkin has the best family that consists of two doggie siblings and pretty much just enjoys the finer things in life. If I’m ever having a bad day, Pumpkin cheers me right up!

pumpkin <3

pumpkin ❤

7. pretty blooms. Okay I have to admit that every time I see a tree flower in Seattle I am absolutely amazed. Being from a place where pretty much the only things that really “bloom” are flowers in like July I am constantly amazed that ginormous trees bloom. The current cherry blossoms and other beautiful blossoms in Seattle are literally brightening up the entire city. It makes me so happy every time I see them, rain or shine. And they add to another reason why Seattle is such a gorgeous city.


so pretty!

so pretty!

inspired by all the florals!

inspired by all the blooms!

the view from my bedroom - so pink!

the view from my bedroom – so pink!

Cheers to March and enjoying most of the month in Idaho for Spring Break! Hope you all are having a fantastic end to your Winter!

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idaho adventure — a christmas (tree) story


Christmas is hands-down my favorite holiday. It makes my heart swell in an at-once triumphant, joyous, melancholy, and full-of-life kind of way. Christmas is an equalizer. It puts everything in perspective and reminds us to love, breathe, give, and be thankful.

I learned my enthusiasm for the holiday from my dad. When we first moved to Idaho, his first move was to deck out our new home with a 6 ft. (no exaggeration) wreath, poinsettias on the stairway, and probably 100 ft. of garland. He reveled in Christmas traditions and truly took on a (slightly inappropriate and hysterical version of) santa-like persona, especially when all of his sisters, and (mostly) nieces joined our family at our new home in Idaho for an epic Detwiler Christmas in 2000.




Our gathering point was our “Idaho” Christmas tree, which was the antithesis of a the super full squat trees from the lot in California. It was 15-feet tall, spindly, and skinny…and it was perfect, especially with the giant and intricate glass balls that helped fill the copious gaps in the branches. It’s just not Christmas without that larger-than-life tree.

the prettiest present I've ever seen under the tree

the prettiest present I’ve ever seen under the tree




mom, granddaddy, and aun margot

mom, granddaddy, and aunt margot


When Chase, Cody, Tommy and I lived in our first “house” after college, I insisted we have a Christmas tree. Chase complained that it was too much work, which confused me as all we needed to do was go see Jake at the local tree lot and pay for one. Chase was horrified and said “the only Christmas tree we will have in this house is one we cut down ourselves.”

the hunt in 2012

the hunt in 2012

parley's first christmas under our first christmas tree

parley’s first christmas under our first christmas tree

And so, our own Christmas tradition was born. The past four years, we have tromped into the Idaho forest, often on or around my dad’s birthday or anniversary of his death, and I can’t think of a more appropriate way to honor my father’s zest for life — and Christmas.

Here’s a look at our latest Christmas tree hunt on what would have been my dad’s 65th birthday.

After a very spirited evening the night prior, Chase and I loaded up the dogs and set out for Eagle Creek, which I found especially appropriate. The first winter after my dad passed — it was a magical white Christmas — my dad’s sisters, nieces and my family were gathered around our iconic Christmas Tree. My aunt remarked on how much she wished my dad was there, and at that moment, a bald eagle flew up the river and perched in a tree across from our house, as though he was looking over us. There wasn’t a dry eye in that living room, and we’ve found solace in a glimpse of a bald eagle ever since.



Chase came prepared with a permit (a whopping $10 for a tree up to 20 feet), borrowed a saw from close friends…we should really just buy our own after four years… and drove as far out Eagle Creek as we could and then set off on foot. The weather the night prior had crystallized the brush poking out of the snow, and Eagle Creek was lazily bubbling. The pups frolicked — Parley went crazy and Zoe battled snow balls in between her toes.





The struggle was real when we finally accepted the fact that we’d have to walk uphill to find our tree. The other contenders were either too short, too sparse, or too close to Eagle Creek to haul out to our home.

We tromped up a narrow canyon — thank goodness we didn’t wait another week, or the snow would have been above our knees — and weaved through stumps, branches, and snowy boughs in search of the perfect tree. Zoe and I scouted the situation up the (very) steep wall on the right. The winner came into view about one hour into our hunt. It stood alone, and at about 15 feet (!), and actually split into two about 2/3 of the way up, but that only added to its charm. It was a tree with character, and it was love at first sight.

We “timbered” our tree, and Chase and I carefully (or clumsily) finagled all 15 feet of our new friend down the hill, a treacherous task. When we got back to Chase’s truck, we realized just how tall our tree was when we had to strap it to the roof of the truck rather than put it in the bed of truck, as about 8 ft. would be hanging out the back.









The worst part of this process? Waiting until the tree has dried out so the decorating can begin. I even sacrificed my car’s spot in the garage for a night to speed up this process.

The next night, exactly fourteen years after my dad passed away, the trimming of the tree began with wrapping some warm white lights around each branch (a very important step) to the sweet sounds of The Santa Clause on ABC Family…and some red wine consumption. As our tree was a little taller than past years, the completion was postponed until the following night after a trip to the drug store for a strand of 100 more lights.



On Monday, December 7, our tree was complete after some questionable “ladder” tactics and balancing acts. While we’ve only shared our own tree for four years, it’s amazing how nostalgic and meaningful even our thrift store ornaments are. We have some red glass balls from The GoldMine, a par par and a zozo, some c’s and k’s, an american flag, hearts, antlers, and my favorite, a mini pink pair of ballet slippers from when we saw the Nutcracker together in Seattle, a Christmas surprise from Chase in our first “official” year.


While many finish off their tree with a star on top (or in our case, a bow) we tied up our tree with a new gift this year, a tree skirt that says “Millemanns” on it, from my soon-to-be sister-in-law. S**t got real in that moment, but in the best way possible.


Christmas trees aren’t just silly symbols, they’re stories…Everyone’s is different and speaks to tradition, family, inside jokes, memories, and exciting futures. Ours is no exception, and all I know is that my heart feels fuller than usual every time I plug it in at the end of the day. That twelve feet of twinkling lights, glitter, glass, and mementos is a reminder to pause, breathe, honor loved ones, and count our blessings.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a holiday season full of love.

cheers krista


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thanksgiving centerpiece inspiration — gilded pumpkins

thanksgiving centerpiece inspiration

thanksgiving centerpiece inspiration

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is the decorating. As much as I love to plan a menu, planning the centerpiece is half the fun when friends and family gather around one dinner table.

I was so excited about the centerpiece I created for Anna’s baby shower, that I couldn’t imagine throwing the pink pumpkins in the garbage. However, pink doesn’t exactly “go” with the rest of our house, and the boy wasn’t stoked about having baby shower décor lingering in the house.

So, I repurposed them with another coat of spray paint and switched out the flowers a couple times to make them more suitable for two separate table settings.

This versatile centerpiece inspiration is fun to create, and relatively time and cost-efficient. Here’s a look at exactly what I did, but feel free to mix up the quantity, colors, etc!


  • 7 medium-sized pie pumpkins
  • pumpkin carving set (the kid friendly kind will do)
  • newspaper
  • gloves
  • spray paint in 3-6 your colors of choice (I recommend at least one metallic color and then an ombre of another color depending on your color-scheme)
  • 3-5 small aluminum cans that have been opened, emptied, and rinsed out (small mason jars also work)
  • 2-dozen assorted flowers of your choice
  • 5 assorted candlesticks with a wide base on either end in varying heights
  • 20 additional mini pumpkins in white or orange



  1. Using the pumpkin carving set, the newspaper to cover whatever table surface you’re on, and gloves, carve 5 pumpkins, making sure the opening on the top is large enough to fit the aluminum can. Carefully scrape out all the “innards” of the pumpkin so they last as long as possible. Wipe them clean and dry when finished.
  2. Spray paint the carved pumpkins and any additional un-carved pumpkins according to you color scheme. I recommend wearing gloves and holding the pumpkin by the opening to ensure spray paint coverage. You can also leave some of the “naked” and in their original orange color. Let them dry for at least 30 minutes.
  3. While the pumpkins dry, arrange your flowers into equal size bouquets for each pumpkin in the tin cans or mason jars, and fill the can or mason jar with water.
  4. Once the pumpkins are dry, ease the mason jar or can into the opening in the pumpkin.
  5. Arrange the candlesticks in the middle of the table, alternating heights as possible. I also chose to stagger mine so that there was more depth.
  6. Carefully balance the pumpkins on the candlesticks. Arrange additional pumpkins (mini and normal size) around the candlestick pumpkins. Add sparkly votives for nice dimension.
  7. Gather and enjoy!
carved and spray painted pumpkins ready for their flowers

carved and spray painted pumpkins in a range of pinks, ready for their flowers

the first version of this centerpiece, pretty in pink

the first version of this centerpiece, pretty in pink

version 2, that same day, using pretty copper and metal colored spray paints

version 2, that same day, using pretty copper and metal colored spray paints


I saw these dark purple and blood red blooms at the local grocery store and was inspired to update the pumpkins one more time for Rachel’s Halloween party


red wine also inspired the color scheme…and the creative process 🙂

bouquet ready to be put in a pumpkin

bouquet ready to be put in a pumpkin


Here are a few more gilded pumpkin inspiration photos Taylor recently pinned to our Brass Blossom Pinterest (check it out!)








Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

cheers krista


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showering baby girl parker with love (and pumpkins)

On Christmas Eve, the Detwiler Family is due to receive the best gift ever — a baby girl, daughter of my cousin Anna and her husband, Robert.

I have only been to one baby shower in my life, let alone ever hosted one. My cousin Heather and I jumped at the opportunity to host a celebration for Anna and her little one. It was a beautiful afternoon full of lots of love, bubbles, bites, and gifts. We can’t wait to meet you, Baby Parker!


We couldn’t resist some pink (and gold, duh) and so selected this gold foil square invite with a pink envelope liner from Paperless Post, the paper line.


many think that Paperless Post is always paperless, but think again! The quality of these festive invites was pleasantly surprising — more so than other popular stationery brands I’ve seen.

Since the shower was in October, we easily decided on an autumn theme. I found this photo on Pinterest that served as inspiration (more to come on these very versatile decorations!):


found on

Here’s our version, plus some additional gold and pink details with some canvas and chalkboard signs:


you should have seen Heather and me blowing up these balloons…we found a sip of wine before each effort helped tremendously 🙂


more to come on these carved pumpkin centerpieces!


it’s amazing what you can do with some spray paint, candlesticks, and Costco flowers!

baby shower

baby shower

big balloons and metallic pumpkins greeted guests at the front door

baby shower

a cool copper color spray paint I found at the local hardware store

baby shower

dress my cupcake is a great décor brand (albeit a little pricey when it all adds up!) that I found at Zucher’s

baby shower

can’t resist a colorful straw and some chalkboard food signs!


We decided on a baby shower brunch since it was on a Sunday and provided some yummy small bites of both breakfast and lunch foods.

Heather and I prepared:

  • A mimosa bar and some non-alcoholic options
  • French toast casserole with maple syrup (rave reviews. recipe here.)
  • Avocado toast with homemade bread
  • Bacon wrapped fingerling potatoes (my personal favorite. recipe here, plus we brushed on some pesto before baking.)
  • Veggie cheese quiche from Cristina’s (which disappeared in about 20 minutes)
  • Donut hole kabobs

Friends of the mom-to-be brought:

  • Mini quiche
  • Fruit
  • Kale salad (our all-time favorite. recipe here)
  • Pumpkin and red velvet cupcakes from Bigwood Bread (anna’s favorite)
  • Caramel chocolate cake from Cristina’s (another of anna’s favorites)
  • Baguette with spinach dip and mixed veggies
baby shower

I repurposed the “yay” gold letters I made for our “K” birthday party and served tea and coffee out of these one-of-a-kind cups from Boulder Mountain Clayworks

baby shower

the spread!

baby shower

these were ridiculously delicious…

baby shower

pretty dessert corner with a canvas sign that took me wayyyy to long to make


gotta love brunch

baby shower

pretty avocado toast on homemade bread by mike


how pretty is that cake from cristina’s?!

the company

Anna and Baby Parker are so loved, and that showed with the guest list and the size of the present pile! I’ve also never had so many small children in my home, let alone newborns!



baby shower

mom-to-be and cassie hitting up the mimosa bar (sparkling cider for anna, of course!)

baby shower

these are real…newborn…babies…four of them…in my house!

baby shower

hostesses and the beautiful mom-to-be!

the present pile

the present pile

pretty present wrapping

pretty present wrapping

It was a great day, and we are counting down the days until Baby Girl Parker’s arrival!

cheers krista


brass blossom


best of september

Yep, it’s most of the way through October. However, September was an exceptionally great month, especially the very end! Here’s a look at a bunch of exciting experiences and travels from September.

1. stanley family retreat. When brother drew came into town, the Detwiler family, plus Lisa, decided to head north and spend some time unplugged, and most importantly, together. We had a lovely night in Stanley, and this may need to be a new tradition!


some lovely friends greeting us outside of our cabin at Redfish Lake


family portrait on the Redfish Lake beach


delicious, indulgent dinner at Redfish Lake Lodge


enjoying some Macrostie wine from the cellar


yummy mocha at The Stanley Bakery


one of our favorites, The Stanley Bakery…with a great photo bomb


vampire weather at the lake




morning stroll on the sand

2. meet the blackadars. The last stop on our wedding tour of the West found us back in beautiful, but chilly, McCall for the Blackadar nuptials. Lesson: never discount the unpredictability of weather in the mountains! Despite the snowfall the night prior and a very wet start to the day, the Blackadar wedding was a great time, and we were thrilled to celebrate Erin and Bill!


last minute craft project 🙂


you can’t have a wedding without a keg!



my hot date


nice view of jog handle once the clouds opened up



boulder lake fishing




much needed warm up with some beer and beer cheese soup at salmon river brewery

3. bittersweet goodbyes. As you all know, my brassblossom boyfriend departed for the city by the sea a few weeks ago to chase her dreams and kick some ass. Thankfully, I was distracted and out of town when she actually departed, cutting down on potential teary moments. To send her off in style and celebrate her bday, we tore up the small town of Stanley (and were on the struggle bus for all of sunday, worth it), and went on lots of lovely hikes. So proud of Taylor!

IMG_9611 (1)

post spa treatment bliss at meadowcreek spa


best place to read a great book


mountain village hot springs pool




incredible mac and cheese at the redd


we had quite the rowdy time at Mountain Village!



some great live entertainment


“almost alice lake”


well-deserved milkshakes at smiley creek


a lovely setting by taylor at one of our final dinners together


no caption needed


the ice cream sandwich cake heard round the world


incredible dinner of cristina’s corn chowder, salad, cheesy focaccia, and sausage!


one last early morning proctor hike

4. the big apple. I traveled to New York City for work and had the pleasure of staying with dear friends who showed me some of the city’s best — and a whole lot of incredible food. I think we’re all still recovering! It was an amazing weekend, and one that made me excited to return to explore more of this beast of a beautiful city.


cucumber lemonade at Westville


my pretty lunch date


amazing wisdom at the corner park coffee stand


mac and cheese at westville…


incredible view of the empire state building, dressed in white for the pope


everything bagel at Tompkins Square Bagel — insanely delicious


creative and delicious display of cream cheese flavors


after some food, some culture at The Whitney




even the stairwell was striking and artistic


the highline — a former rail road track that is now a narrow urban park



had to join my fellow tourists for this shot





had to hit Broadway, especially as former peer Rumer Willis was starring as Roxie! Amazing show.


ducks in the big city


buttery flaky indian style tacos. yum.


the entrance to my very first spin class at Flywheel — not intimidating at all! Amazing class that I wish we could have in Ketchum.


on sundays, we brunch…two plates of food = always a good idea.


surprise tropical cocktail goblet at the new bar around the corner.


cozy dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant, Bianca


delicious ice cream for dessert — can’t forget that name! Or the unicorn pictured below.



had to take advantage of the amazing international cuisine and ease of a city (yeah for Seamless) with some fried rice before my flight.

5. best tuesday ever.  On Tuesday, September 29, after I’d been stuck in the JFK airport for 6 hours, spent the night in Salt Lake City, and had a crazy half day at work, Chase and I went down to Silver Creek Preserve because he “wanted to take some photos,” as he frequently does. After an incredible sunset, some Dang’s Thai Cuisine, and what turns out some faux photo snapping on Chase’s part, he pulled me up onto my feet, he got on on knee, I blacked out, I tried to sit down into a sagebrush, he stood up, I said yes, we hugged for a long time, he put a ring on my finger, and we both cried a little bit (sorry, cha-se). It was an absolutely unforgettable Tuesday fall evening, and we are both so lucky. On September 17, 2016, I will be Mrs. Millemann! Woah! That is crazy, and I just cried a little again. Ironically, we have pretty horrible photos of the event, although there is about a pretty epically awkward and emotional 7- minute video from his camera, which was on a tripod. That video will not be included here 🙂

the girls came of course

the girls came of course

beautiful drive down

beautiful drive down

sunset on silver creek

sunset on silver creek

the "ox bow," the view from the proposal spot

the “ox bow,” the view from the proposal spot

taylor was in on the secret (my beautiful ring was a team design effort, thank you taylor!) and wrapped a thoughtful present for chase to give to me after he proposed.

taylor was in on the secret (my beautiful ring was a team design effort, thank you taylor!) and wrapped a thoughtful present for chase to give to me after he proposed.

Cody couldn't help himself and snapped this shot the next day.

Cody couldn’t help himself and snapped this shot the next day.

our family

our family

mom is beyond excited...

mom is beyond excited…

October has been crazy busy, but soon enough, I will return to weekend love its!

cheers krista


brass blossom


weekend love it — saying goodbye, new beginnings & outdoor adventures

The past couple of weeks have been marked by tremendous changes. Like daily kinda have a panic attack and realize you need to breathe so you sit on the couch nursing a La Croix several times a day, tremendous, bittersweet, big, deep breaths in a paper-bag changes. And what could possible sway my ever cool, easy going self, without a touch of OCD and anxiety you might ask? I am officially leaving in less than a week for Graduate School.

That’s right. I am moving solo to Seattle to literally live my dream with the Grad School program that I am attending. I repeat that daily x 50 for a little verbal courage. Leaving Idaho, the boy, Miss Maude Pod, my family, my incredible group of friends and my #brassblossom boyfriend after this year may likely be the hardest thing I have ever done but deep down I know it’s right. I have wrestled back and forth with not going or delaying my start or simply becoming a professional hiker to avoid the real world, but alas I know that it is the right next step for for me . This year has been a hell of a year (and to be honest I am already welcoming 2016 with open arms) but it has also been a year that has taught me probably more than I ever really wanted to know.

So with that happy, sad, why the hell am I moving away from the great state of Idaho and sunshine news, here is what I have been adoring recently!

Disclaimer: There are a lot of emotions below…

1. new beginnings. The boy really boiled it down for me one day when I was sitting on the kitchen floor crying about saying “see you soon” to him and my little Miss Maude Pod when he said point blank that he was glad to see me crying because if I wasn’t crying it would mean I wasn’t going and that would mean I would be angry. Angry about giving up an incredible opportunity that I have worked so hard for and wanted so badly for so long. And while I occasionally question his tact, I never question is support. He is a wise boy. Buddha-like.

Even though I am having a difficult time practicing what I preach currently (aka crying hysterically on the kitchen floor…), the one concrete thing that this year has really taught me is that you have to live your own life, your own dreams and your own path. Earlier this year I was so paralyzed by fear that I felt I couldn’t personally function. And while I had a pretty legit reason, I have very slowly come to the realization that I need to live my own life, my own dreams and my own path in order to fully support anyone else. While the life and little family that the boy and I have made here is beyond incredible and will never be replaced, it’s not where I feel 100% complete. I have a burning desire to learn more, be more and accomplish more. So that is what I will be doing, even if it involves some more kitchen floor tears. So cheers to new beginnings and following your dreams!


2. goodbye 25. Goodbye forever, 25. I just celebrated by 26th birthday and I am happily welcoming a new year of life and thinking 26 will be a dandy year. The only way I wanted to celebrate the day was with no stress. I just wanted it to be simple and happy and like every other normal day (as I am cherishing every second or normalcy right now). So that is just what it was. The boy and I enjoyed a super simple family dinner (plus goats) on Sunday and then I spent my entire birthday indulging in everything I love: sleeping in snuggling Maude pod, peanut butter toast + coffee, Crossfit, reading for several hours by the pool, cocktail hour at Sun Valley Pond and then a nice mellow night at home making dinner and watching the voice. #bestdayever.

best birthday cake ever from my always amazing mother

best birthday cake ever from my always amazing mother

when you go to crossfit and it's your birthday...

when you go to crossfit and it’s your birthday…




3. stanley adventures. Last weekend I celebrated my birthday just a bit early with three of the most fabulous Idaho ladies around. I couldn’t have asked for better women to help me celebrate. Earlier this year (like in May) we committed a weekend in September to Meadow Creek Spa for their slack special as we had been talking about it for years. And it was absolutely perfect. We all enjoyed a treatment followed by some amazing hot-spring time and a rowdy night out on the town. Not surprisingly we spent the next day feeling not the greatest but that didn’t deter us from getting out and exploring in the Sawtooth’s at Alice Lake. A post to follow as it was definitely one of the best Idaho Adventures to date!

the view from meadowcreek spa

the view from meadow creek spa


almost to alice lake...more on that to come

almost to alice lake…more on that to come

love these ladeis!

love these ladeis!

4. hiking all over wyoming. I have taken a few weeks off before starting back to the grind of school and earlier this month I went to visit family in Wyoming. It was the perfect week filled with sunshine, so many miles hiking and quality time with those I don’t get to see often enough. It was an ideal way to decompress after I quit working. Here is a look at my beautiful adventures (if I do say so myself) as well as a pretty strong reminder that Wyoming is also breathtakingly gorgeous…



mountains for days

sacred rim in the wind river mountains

sacred rim in the wind river mountains

a hike without a yoga pose is not a real hike

a hike without a yoga pose is not a real hike


quite possibly the prettiest lake ever

quite possibly the prettiest lake ever



practicing using the bear spray...

practicing using the bear spray…




bow posing...

bow posing…

bird of paradising

bird of paradising


5. sway steals. And now for some materialism since I appreciate a good shopping find as much as all this lovey-dovey talk. I bought these jeans Labor Day Weekend at SWAY and am literally in love. I was initially in love when I saw they were only $50 (cheers to Labor Day Sales!) and now I’m in love because they fit amazingly and are so soft and comfortable. Plus it’s super hard to find a cute pair of lighter jeans without looking like you have thunder thighs. As someone who is a die-hard yoga pant/legging wearing person, these jeans come close to that feeling you get wearing a nice pair of lulus…


6. 1989 (aka best year EVER). 1989 happens to be the year both your #thebrassblossom beauties were born. It also happens to be the year Taylor Swift was born. And this remake pretty much sums up how incredible we all are! #poweryear.

7. happy birthday, cheryl strayed. Even though she wasn’t born in 1989, Cheryl Strayed is still one incredible woman who also just recently celebrated her birthday. Strayed’s work has really touched super close to home this year for me and her words, lessons and wisdom are truly transfixing. So in honor of her birthday, 15 of her greatest quotes were gathered together here. And here is one quote that is really speaking to me now:


8. moments of gratitude. Maybe it’s because I’m ridiculously nostalgic right now and cherishing every moment of Idaho, family, friends, the boy and Maude Pod snuggles but I am continuously overwhelmed with moments of complete gratitude. Before this year I can’t really ever recall having moments when everything seems to slow and I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the simplest things. Gratitude for just those little moments where you feel complete and like you have all these little happy minions dancing inside of you regardless of whatever is a shit show in your life that day. My one goal going into this new year is to try to continue to recognize those moments and not let the hustle and bustle of life overcome those moments of perfect, little infinity.

love these two <3

love these two ❤


Cheers to an amazing week and new beginnings! Until next time in Seattle…

taylor brass

brass blossom