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weekend love it – life inspiration, soul food & rainbow krispies

Last week I found myself randomly looking up “life inspiration quotes” on Pinterest. Low point? High point? I’m still not sure but remarkably the plethora of quotes actually gave me a bit of get up and go. I don’t know if has been the not so sunny Sun Valley weather or the fact that my emotions have pretty much flatlined after such an emotional year, but I have just been feeling a bit funky for no particular reason.


Apparently Lululemon was sensing my funk because they Instagrammed something that just spoke to me (along with the thousands of quotes on Pinterest). Naturally I took a screen-shot and decided that I was on a mission to feed my soul. When life hands you (lulu)lemons, feed your soul. So the past couple of weeks have been full of soul food. Obviously I’m not a “soul-feeding master” but I concluded that feeding my soul means doing just what I feel like I need at that present moment – hiking, binge watching a TV series, lifting weights like a girl, you name it. Namaste.

So here is a look of what I have been loving and what has been feeding my soul!

1. silver creek. One of the reasons that I love living in Idaho is the proximity to the outdoors. Now I wouldn’t call myself an extreme outdoors-woman by any means but even getting out for an hour hike surrounded by vast wilderness makes me feel more complete and grounded. One place that is remarkably soul feeding is Silver Creek, regardless of the recreational activity you choose to partake in (mine happened to be sitting in my camping chair…).

We spent Sunday evening on the creek celebrating a “pop-up birthday” (post on that to come) and it was the perfect Sunday. Being surrounded by a picturesque setting, good food, incredible friends, laughter, love and a whole lot of bugs was the perfect way to end the weekend.

the "creek"

the “creek”

happy birthday abbey!

happy birthday abbey!



love these two ❤

2. murph. Murph – you’re humbling as always. Each year Crossfitters around the nation, world, universe do the workout MURPH on Memorial Day in remembrance of Lieutenant Michael Patrick “Murph” Murphy who was a United States Navy SEAL officer who died in the War in Afghanistan and received a Medal of Honor for his heroics. Murph was killed on June 28th, 2005 after leaving his position of cover and exposing himself to enemy fire in order to communicate with his headquarters in an attempt to save his team. The movie Lone Survivor is about the SEAL team that Murph was apart of and is an incredible movie. I definitely had my hands covering my eyes for about 50% of the movie, but I promise it’s a great movie.

The workout is a humbling 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats and another 1 mile run, all while wearing a weight vest. This year Sun Valley Crossfit partnered for the workout with another local Crossfit and with Higher Ground to raise funds for the incredible organization. Doing a workout in honor of a Navy SEAL to benefit adaptive sports for people of all abilities, including Veterans, feeds everyone’s soul. It may not feed the body or your bloody hands and burning eyes but it feeds the soul. I really love Hero workouts because whenever I think I’m soft as pudding and just can’t finish, I think of the hero the workout is named after = motivation.


crazy synced pull-ups

crazy synced pull-ups

3. goats in bandanas. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but everyone loves baby goats. They are cute, they are cuddly, they are ridiculous and they are just plain old fantastic little creatures. But what would make such a creature even more incredible? A bandana. Not just any bandana but blue and red bandanas (white bandanas are hard to come by people) to celebrate Memorial Day!

The goats were feeling a little left out on the Memorial Day spirit, so I gently slapped a bandana around each goat to spread the cheer. And if these pictures don’t make you happy and feed your soul just a bit, just imagine trying to put a bandana on a goat…

goats in bandanas!

goats in bandanas!

z-baby doing crazy goat things

z-baby doing crazy goat things



4. cabbage. For our last book club our wonderful, brilliant gardener/farmer friend Sara made a salad that I just cant stop recreating in some form or another. She simply threw together some garden-fresh greens, an ear of corn (cut off of course), red cabbage, carrot, avocado and parmesan. Do it now and you will thank me (or Sara). Since that evening I have been weirdly craving red cabbage. Apparently red cabbage feeds the soul and your hungry tummy all at the same time. Currently it’s the top contender for my favorite summer vegetable so be on the lookout for some cabbage filled recipes (please, hold the applause).

amazing summer salad

amazing summer salad

5. paper towns. I may be one of the last people in the world that still checks out library books but I find reading on an iPad or Kindle slightly painful for my eyeballs. Perhaps it’s because I’m blinder than a bat but it just doesn’t work for me. So I head to the library. Now really my only complaint about the Library in Ketchum is that they have a separate room for all of the Young Adult books. This seems nice and all for all those young adults that visit the library (but really when was the last time you saw a kid pick up an actual book?) but it makes it awkward when you’re technically an adult and feel like a capital C-creeper every time you step foot in the “Young Adult” room.

Point being, all the John Green books are in that room. But I assure you, his books (despite being categorized as “Young Adult”) and usually the tears and box full of tissues you will need are worth those moments when you feel like a huge creeper. I think everyone could learn a thing or two about life inspiration from Green. I finished Paper Towns this week after only picking it up a few times and as always, it was an incredible story. Must summer read before the movie comes out. It will feed your soul in a feel good type of way, I promise.


6. cheers to no camel toe. This article is so great that it needs to be included in two blog posts. Krista mentioned it last week but the Marten Stuffer, which is a local fabricated satirical newspaper, has really outdone itself this time.

Now I love yoga pants. I would wear them everyday for the rest of my life if it was culturally, socially, work, boyfriend acceptable. But one thing no one loves is a camel toe, which I pray to the Lululemon gods that I never sport. I think pictures speak a thousand words on this one but the gist of the article was that First Lite (the incredible company the boy and now Chase work for) has come out with a yoga pant that erases the dreaded camel toe. Solving world hungry is next on the agenda.




7. rainbow rice krispie fishies. Oh nom nom nom. I can’t even remember the last time that I had a Rice Krispie treat. They kind of remind me of gross Middle School Bake Sales, which just isn’t a good memory but rest assured the treats I made this weekend are like “Real Adult Bake Sale” status. We celebrated our wonderful friend Abbey’s birthday this weekend on Silver Creek fishing the Brown Drake hatch and I just knew that I needed to make a dessert fit for a fishing queen but also pretty (cue a ton of sprinkles) and able to withstand glamping.  Thus, Rice Krispie Rainbow Fishies were born (and while it’s hard to tell they are fish, they were devoured, which is what counts.)

And while these might not be quite as good as cabbage for your nutritional soul, they are simply splendid for your nom nom, happy soul.

they are supposed to look like fish...

they are supposed to look like fish…

everyone likes rice krispies

everyone likes rice krispies

8. hysterical card. Warning kids: the following is rated R. R for ridiculously funny and not kid rated. When I saw this card I knew that I had to buy it. While this card isn’t intended for any special occasion, it has no limits. I just had to share as it has probably been my favorite purchase in months. Hope you all have a good laugh!

hysterical card & just a little something appropriately wrapped in "fish" paper

hysterical card & just a little something appropriately wrapped in “fish” paper

Hope you all have a great week!

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