pomegranate seeds

weekend love it — winter treats to cure a cold

Since Thanksgiving I have been battling quite possibly the worst cold I have ever had. I blame my brother who caught the bug right before I did. The past few weeks have been a roller coaster of getting slightly better to only get worse, which I didn’t think was possible. I literally tried everything to get better to no avail.

I finally caved in and went to see the doctor after two weeks and after a few days on antibiotics things are looking up. My only solace that I am not simply getting extremely weak in my old age is that I know several other people battling the same cold. Needless to say I haven’t been feeling super attractive (I could guide Santa’s sleigh my nose is so bright red….), so the last week I tried to focus on the little things that I knew would at least raise my spirits!

1. Jumpsuits. The first time that I wore a beloved jumpsuit was for our first annual Friendsgiving 2013 where the boy slightly questioned what I was wearing. Regardless, I have been in love with jumpsuits ever since.

They are literally the perfect outfit (except when you have to pee). There is no battling with tights when trying to wear a dress in the winter and you can simply slip on one piece and you are good to go! I obviously included a jumpsuit (or two) in my holiday shopping. Here are a few of my recent purchases!

pretty package from zara!

pretty package from zara!

zara "chain strap long jumpsuit" - this jumpsuit is the prettiest blue around

zara “chain strap long jumpsuit” – this jumpsuit is the prettiest blue around

asos "motel pia jumpsuit with plunge neck" - i think i purchased the last one in stock but cant wait for this to arrive in the mail! it was an incredible deal too!

asos “motel pia jumpsuit with plunge neck” – i think i purchased the last one in stock (at an incredible price) and i cant wait for this to arrive in the mail!

2. Gift Tags. While visiting Krista on her first day on the job at Huck & Paddle, I found these gift tags that I just couldn’t resist. I originally bought them as name tags for Friendsgivemas but have since used them for presents!

I believe they are made out of tin (maybe?) and you can write on them with chalk or a chalk marker. I love that they are reusable and that they add a little rustic touch!

reusable tags - perfect for name tags or gifts!

a pretty tag for a present for maude pod!

reusable tags - perfect for name tags or gifts!

reusable tags – perfect for name tags or gifts!

3. Holiday Lights Around Town. One of my favorite things about the holidays is the lights. I love the sparkle, the shine and the wonderful colors and patterns that pop up everywhere. They simply make me happy.

On Saturday night the boy and I ordered take out and then he nicely participated in one of my favorite winter activities of driving around and looking at holiday lights! We made a quick loop with these lights on the route. There are a ton of more spectacular lights but you can’t beat this view!

view from the town square

view from the ketchum town square

4. Quality time with Maude Pod. This last week little Miss Maude Pod got spayed, which was a semi-traumatic event. I cried (just a tiny bit!) after picking her up because she was just not herself. The poor pup had a really rough first day and night but has since bounced back to her crazy, snuggly self.

"relaxing" afternoon

“relaxing” afternoon making messes

maude loves lululemon

maude loves lululemon christmas shopping

5. Early Christmas Presents. Maude Pod had the first present under the tree and to be honest the only present for quite some time. I have no shame. Since pugger Lizzy only wants cookies for Christmas, she is easy to please.

With Maude Pod’s full recovery from her surgery she has been a maniac. She isn’t allowed to be too active or get into any water, which limits any hunting adventure, so we have had far too much indoor play time. She received an early Christmas present since she desperately needed a new toy to play with and distract her!


cutest bumper i bought at "huck & paddle" where krista works!

cutest bumper i bought at “huck & paddle” where krista works!

christmas came early!

christmas came early!

6. Pomegranate Seeds & Cute Bowls. Earlier this week the boy suggested a pomegranate might taste good to my never ending cold. We happened to have a few decorating our table from Friendsgivemas and it ended up being the perfect treat! Cold fighting tip: pomegranates contain a ton of antioxidants and approximately 50% of your daily recommended vitamin C. Win, win.

Each night last week the boy dutifully deseeded a pomegranate for me to enjoy (he’s a keeper). I ate the seeds like you would eat cereal out of cute little bowls that I recently bought at our local market, Atkinsons’ Market. They were delicious and about the only thing that tasted good to me. Although they are a delicious winter treat, pomegranates are ridiculously expensive here, so I may have to limit this new daily obsession…


so delicious!

perfect little bowl

perfect little bowl

7. Mat Kearney – “Coming Home.” To be honest, I’m probably one of the worst Oregon Football Fans. I try to keep up on what is going on (thank god for social media) but football just really isn’t my thing. But even I know that winning the Heisman is a super big deal, which Oregon Duck Marcus Mariota just won!

With this honor, “Coming Home” by Mat Kearney (who was born in Eugene!) kept popping up on my Facebook fed. I’ve heard the song several times now, but I still makes me reminiscent of my college days and leaves me happy every time I hear it!

taylor brass

brass blossom