goals for 2015

best of 2014

1. Best Personal Achievement – Graduate School. I am extremely excited to announce that I got into Graduate School at the University of Washington for a Masters of Health Administration!

I had been toying with the idea of going back to school for quite some time and decided to apply for Fall of 2015. I kept this decision fairly private but I am thrilled to have been accepted to my top choice program! Although I cannot say I am thrilled to be a Huskie (go Ducks!), I cannot wait to start a new chapter next Fall!


seattle sky line

seattle sky line

2. Best Personal Endeavor  – The Brass Blossom. The Brass Blossom was born last February after Krista mentioned she needed an outlet (Idaho has really long winters). Our blog has become something that I truly love. The process of creating, writing and publishing keeps me inspired and motivated each day.

Our blog has become so much more than an outlet and I am so happy that we actually made it happen. Cheers to the Brass Blossom and my wonderful coauthor, Krista!

"the brass blossom"

“the brass blossom”

3. Best New Addition – Miss Maude. This year has definitely been a year of juxtaposition. My biggest low of the year was the passing of my beloved pug, Lucy. Lucy was my shadow and canine soul mate and I constantly miss her outrageous ways.

The boy and I got little Miss Maude a few months before Lucy passed and her energy, love and snuggles definitely helped heal pugger Lizzy and my broken hearts. I am so thankful to have this crazy lady in my life as her boundless energy and love make every day better.

pug love <3

pug love ❤

baby maude pod

baby maude pod

big girl maude pod

big girl maude pod

4. Best Book – The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. This book is raved about for a reason. Last summer I blogged about my love of the book and recommend it to anyone. It is a wonderful coming of age story that perfectly outlines the nature of life. Even though it’s about 800 pages it is a must read!


the goldfinch by donna tartt

5. Best Recipe – Rhubarb Upside Down Cake. This was a tough one. I debated between the Rose Apple Pie I made for our Olympics Party and the Rhubarb Upside Down Cake I made for a house warming. In the end the Rhubarb Upside Down Cake won by a landslide.

It might not be quite as pretty or delicate but this cake was by far one of the most delicious cakes I have ever had. The candied rhubarb topping paired with a light layer of cake is what makes this cake so delicious. I could have literally eaten just the top off this cake!


rhubarb upside down cake

6. Best Trip – Jackson Hole/Grand Teton, Wyoming. Krista and I went with our friend Melissa to Wyoming this summer to celebrate her graduation from grad school as well as her completion of the California Bar. Although it pretty much rained the entire trip it was an incredible and adventure filled vacation.

Despite the rain our outdoor adventures were still breathtaking and we revitalized ourselves with eating, drinking and shopping around Jackson.

grand tetons

grand tetons

7. Best Adventure – Goat Lake. One of my goals last summer was to go on more hikes. I definitely got out and explored more of the local hiking trails. By far my favorite hike was to Goat Lake in the Stanley Basin. This was not a hike for the weary but was quite possibly one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been. A must hike if you are near and up for a ton of scrambling!

goat lake - stanley basin, idaho

goat lake – stanley basin, idaho

8. Best Clothing Buy – Splendid Jumpsuit. My favorite purchase of this year was by far my Indigo Chambray Jumpsuit by Splendid. It was a bit of a splurge but worth every penny. I have worn it countless times and I love it’s ease and comfort. I can only hope that one day everyone will be a jumpsuit convert!

the boy and i last summer

indigo chaambray jumpsuit by splendid

9. Best Beauty Buy – Rodan and Fields Micro-dermabrasion Paste is a splurge but well worth the money. I do not have the greatest skin. It is a combination of both dry and oily and even being legally blind I can see my large pores and occasional zit. However after using this scrub every other day it has completely evened out my skin and done miracles for my overall complexion. Plus it leaves your face literally softer than a baby’s butt.

If you are looking for one product to add to your routine I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

rodan & fields - micro-dermabrasion paste

rodan & fields – micro-dermabrasion paste

10. Best Gift – Antler Hooks. Antler hooks were my go to gift this year. I originally purchased a large hook set for a wedding gift and have since bought another for a Christmas gift. The hooks are perfectly rustic and fit for any home in Idaho!

antler hooks - my go to gift

antler hooks – my go to gift

11. Best DIY – Hula Hoops. My favorite DIY this year was recovering DIY hula hoops that I made a few years ago. Maude Pod was my right hand gal during this DIY. I find hula-hooping so reminiscent of childhood and more simple times all while being relaxing. It is by far my favorite abdominal exercise, which gives me just one more reason to love it.

diy hula hoops + miss maude pod

diy hula hoops + miss maude pod

missing warm hula-hooping weather

missing warm hula-hooping weather

12. Best Party – Girls Birthday Party. My favorite party that Krista and I threw this year was our dear friend Rachel’s birthday party. Our theme was color and anything and everything girly. Nothing can go wrong with a theme like that. It was colorful, lighthearted and the perfect way to celebrate Rachel and the coming Spring!

girls birthday party

girls birthday party

13. Best Supporter(s) – The Boy & The Mom. Okay, okay I know this is a stretch of a “best of category” but I had to include the boy and my mom in my “Best of 2014.”

For the boy, maybe it’s because it’s our lucky number seven (seven years of dating that is), but I think the incredible year that we have both had is in large part due to the boy. He manages to keep me grounded and is one of my biggest supporters. I am incredibly thankful to have him by my side and couldn’t think of anyone I would rather spend 2015 with!

For the mom, I cannot imagine life without her. Although sometimes I question how I am actually her offspring as she just screams spontaneity, organized chaos and fun loving, I am so thankful to have her in my life. She constantly picks me up when I am down and supports me to the moon and back. She is one incredible, kind, hard-working and beautiful woman who is always up for an adventure.

this guy

this boy 🙂

the best woman i know

the best woman i know

2015 Goals:

Last year I made a 2014 Goal list on my iPhone “notes.” I met most of the goals and unlike what is suggested many of my goals weren’t an exact goal or definite. I like having goals that are more long term and abstract that I can work towards daily, weekly or monthly.

I found the below “this year” list on Pinterest today and it inspired a few more goals to add to my list for 2015:

  1. Read 20+ books
  2. Master a handstand and hold for 60+ seconds
  3. Go on as many Idaho adventures and hikes as possible
  4. Establish a new chapter in Seattle (eeek!)
  5. Learn calligraphy
  6. Pick up the phone and call friends and family more
  7. Remember to take a deep breath and go to yoga (preferably hot) more often
  8. Hug someone daily
  9. Increase my personal savings for graduate school…
  10. Eat/drink more ginger

fc2817741fb384e59cef11a0f461f010 taylor brass

brass blossom