weekend love it – summer love, letters & luxuries

July was truly a spectacular month. If my life were a country song (in like the sappiest way possible), the theme of the song would be about love (like every country song…). We spent the month of July enjoying the Northwest on a wedding tour and cannot be more thankful than to have been a part of that love. We have also enjoyed our fair share of amazing indulgences (cue the “dad bod”) to go along with all that love…here is a look!

1. northwest wedding tour continued. The boy and I were again lucky enough to be invited to another amazing wedding, this time in McCall, Idaho. And while I completely think that the Wood River Valley is the only place in Idaho worth noting, McCall and it’s people are quite spectacular as well.

Krista’s “sister-in-law” (otherwise known as Chase’s sister) married the love of her life in the most amazing, heartfelt wedding full of a constant stream of simultaneous laughter and tears with a side of the most amazing grilled cheese (I literally ate my weight in cheese). Literally every moment was amazing, but I’ll just give you a sneak peak as Krista spent almost the entire week celebrating their love so deserves the spotlight! Cheers to a life full of love, laughter and happy tears to the Brennans!

big idaho sky

big idaho sky

the boy, his camo tie and the future of randolph

the boy, his camo tie and the future of randolph


the boys :)

the boys 🙂



go duckkkkksss!!



so much love

so much love for the boy, 70’s cocaine jumpsuits and idaho

lake view

lake view

2. pretty letters. I have always truly enjoyed handwriting and beautifully written letters and words. So I was ecstatic when I was asked to help out with a few chalkboards for the wedding in McCall. I love pretty words, pretty letters and making pretty things for pretty people!

there is no greater sign than an idaho sign

there is no greater sign than an idaho sign (& coffee)




backwards but the idea is still the same...cheers to the brennans!

backwards but the idea is still the same…cheers to the brennans!

and to top it off...the cutest card i found in mccall

and to top it off…the cutest card i found in mccall

3. new eats & treats. The Warfield recently joined the ranks of Ketchum restaurants. And right now it seems to be sitting pretty high. Warfield definitely hit the mark on a place to go for good food, good drinks and an ahhhhmazing deck. And the service and overall atmosphere was actually incredible for a newly opened restaurant. Go right this second and enjoy the deck and some nommies. You won’t regret it!

love me some brick and gold accents

love me some brick and gold accents

this door handle makes me swoon

this door handle makes me swoon

topo map menus

topo map menus


the best cocktail (the London Lemonade)

the best, not-too-sweet, cocktail (the London Lemonade)

the veg burger

the veg burger

krista's poutine

krista’s poutine

brussels forever!

brussels forever!

the best deck around

the best deck around

4. i heart lulu x seven billion. A few weeks ago I was very nicely asked by the local Lululemon store to participate in an event. A few other local women who also participate in Crossfit (and are all total badasses) and I were brought into the store to give our opinions, ideas and suggestions for Lululemon gear for Crossfit. We talked about nipping out, some boob chaffing and all those fun things that happen when you work out. And then we were given gift cards to purchase some new Lulu swag! I know, like my dream come true!! Lululemon and Crossfit all wrapped up into one?! Pretty much best night ever.

And now I wasn’t sure anything could top the brainstorming event but the pants I got actually are the MOST amazing pants ever (Street to Studio Pant II…I also sized up for a bit of a looser fit). If you didn’t know by now I would wear yoga pants everyday of my life, for the rest of my life if it were socially acceptable. And guess what!? These pants make it socially acceptable. They can definitely be termed more of a “lifestyle” item and I literally wear them everywhere. A must buy! Even goats love them…





the pants i got...not the best angle but just wait!

the pants i got…not the best angle but just wait!

pretty much the cutest shirt ever...thinking about running back by for it

pretty much the cutest shirt ever…thinking about running back by for it

trying to get the goats to cooperate for a photo: fail. wearing my new pants everyday: success.

trying to get the goats to cooperate for a photo: fail. wearing my new pants everyday: success.

5. we were liars (semi-spoiler alert). I started reading We Were Liars by E. Lockhart in late December and literally pummelled through the first half of the book. (Side note: The fact that the female author goes by E. Lockhart makes her super cool in my book. Total throw back to female authors not being able to be published under feminine names.) Then the boy’s accident happened and reading was the last thing from my mind. I attempted to pick up the book in February but the storyline of the main character having a traumatic brain injury just hit a bit too close to heart.

But I recently picked up the book running out the door on the way to the pool since I had forgotten to download a book. And I loved the rest of the story. There is a reason this book is a “New York Times Bestseller.” It’s a quick read with a twist of an ending. I highly recommend it and if I say more I will spoil it…


6. sunday night impromptu “family” dinner. The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of wonderful and I desperately needed a relaxing weekend. On Sunday, my Brass Blossom Boyfriend and I went to a Barre class, hung out at the pool and then parted ways only to enjoy a very spontaneous, “family” dinner with the boys and black dogs later in the evening. We had amazing food (with only slightly burnt corn….Cha-seee), a few drinks and a whole lot of laughs playing cornhole (P.S. #thebrassblossom came soooo close to beating the boys in cornhole…we will get them next time!). Summers are definitely for impromptu dinners like these on back porches listening to country music.

(half) of my lovely dinner dates

(half) of my lovely dinner dates



i just love summer nights

i just love summer nights

idaho pie for dessert (recipe coming soon!)

idaho pie for dessert (recipe coming soon!)

7. i only like pugs. This shirt and card pretty much sum up my life.




Cheers to a week full of recharging!

taylor brass

brass blossom

diy wooden banner

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, but one of the reasons I love the boy is that he generally goes along with my crazy visions. One evening in December when he was building a fire and I was supervising (obviously), I told him that I wanted to make a piece of firewood into a banner. I really had no idea what power tools would be required to make this transformation necessary, but I had full faith the boy could make it happen.

And he did. He used a nice saw of sorts and cut me perfectly smooth disks of fire wood. I had originally planned to paint on the disks until the boy offered his creative genius and said they would look super cool with wood burned letters. And lo and behold I happen to have a wood burner! It must have been creative fate.

While this banner takes some commitment (and possibly a creative minion who is good with power tools), it happens to be one of my favorite DIYs. I made a “happy birthday” banner for Krista’s birthday and then another “i love you pobre” for the boy for Valentine’s Day that now hangs in our room. Here is a look!


  • a nice piece of wood with the diameter you desire for your disks
  • a wood burner
  • twine for hanging
  • a chop saw (according to the boy) or other tool to cut the disks
  • a drill for drilling holes to hang the disks by
the boy crafting

the boy crafting ❤


perfectly cut wooden disks

perfectly cut wooden disks



a finished wood burned letter "h"

a finished wood burned letter “h”





happy birthday banner

happy birthday banner hung by balloons

i love you banner

i love you banner




awkward posing… 


taylor brass

brass blossom

valentine cootie catchers!


valentine cootie catchers!

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of St .Valentine, we wanted to send our love and a bit of humor via a classic from our childhood days, cootie catchers. Cootie catchers brought us back to the days of Elementary School filled with childhood crushes and daily art and crafts projects…We also thought it was a bit more interactive, unexpected, and refreshing than your typical valentine.

On our first attempt to craft a cootie catcher, we were a little rusty —  it took us a bit to recall the exact steps. If it has been a while since your elementary days as well, here’s a helpful video.


  • decorated origami paper (we happened to have some on hand but any piece of square paper will do)

  • sharpie

  • inspiration to fill the inside!


all folded & ready to personalize

Obviously the best part about cootie catchers is filling them with fun fortunes and phrases! They are super easy to customize so get creative and branch out from the elementary days of just numbers and colors. You can even throw in some dirty valentine phrases (“get naked?” for your good friends)! Here are some examples of how we filled our cootie catchers:







the middle also serves as a great place to write a note!


as always, to add a touch of gold we used gold lined envelopes for mailing

cheers! krista & taylor

brass blossom

made with love: handmade valentines

We know, we know…It’s a commercial holiday. However, we see Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to tell someone you care about them, which we probably don’t do often enough.

So, we watched The Bachelor (because what doesn’t say true love like The Bachelor) and got crafty.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset v-day Materials 2 v-Day materials 1 


  • card stock paper in various colors (try branching out from the typical pink and red)
  • specialty paper in various patterns (found at PaperSource or any other specialty stationery store)
  • glue (we like Elmer’s, none of that glue stick crap)
  • glitter glue
  • scissors
  • gold and silver Sharpies
  • fine tipped Sharpies
  • pencil
  • hole punch
  • ribbon
  • doilies
  • pipe cleaners
  • paper cutter
  • any other fun materials you might have around

For a few years now, Krista has reverted to that classic heart valentine with a ruffled edge. Think Billy Madison’s valentine from Principal Anderson, but with a slighty different intention…


1. Make two symmetrical hearts (one for each side of the scalloped paper). I rely on the old fold a piece of paper in half trick…works every time.

2. Trace a larger (about a half-inch) heart around my first heart with a pencil, and cut that out with a straight edge first.

3. Glue the smaller heart in the middle of the bigger heart

4. Scallop away — see how long you can cut continuously. It makes it easier.

5. Glue the second smaller heart on the other side.

6. Embellish!

To add detail, Krista relies on details like fine-point messages of “happy valentine’s day” or “xoxo,” bold and glittery polka dots or “XOs,” threading satin ribbon through hole punch holes, and of course the existing details in specialty paper. Often, less is more.

IMG_2688 IMG_2720 IMG_2685

Unlike Krista who was full of brilliant ideas during our crafting session, Taylor seriously struggled to find an approach to anything worthwhile.  Thus ensued her own personal craft session listening to country music to create an approach of her own…



1. Make rectangular cards. Any size works and a little variety never hurts! Using a paper cutter really helps expedite this process. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

2. Fold top half of card down so there is about .25 inches of space showing the inside of the bottom card.

3. Using a pencil, lightly write a special message on the front of the card. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, just go straight for the glitter glue. If you have very fine glitter (Martha Stewart Brand is always a great choice) you can always use Elmer’s Glue to write your message and cover with glitter.

4. Add a little personalized touch to each card. I went for dots along the .25 inches of space, a cute little heart and an arrow.

5. Once dry, finish the inside with a sweet note!


1. Make rectangular cards. Again any size works!

2. Fold rectangle in half.

3. Create a heart template (follow Krista’s sage wisdom with the old fold and make half a heart for a symmetric look) from a thicker piece of cardstock to ensure best tracing.

4. Trace heart onto front of card and cut out. Get creative with placement.

5. Glue a rectangle the size of one side of the card onto either the back of the front (where you cut out the heart) or the front of the back (where you write your message) depending on where you are writing your personalized note and if you want it to show through.

6. Personalize away!

IMG_2678 IMG_2670 IMG_2683


Your message depends on your audience, of course! Here are a few pointers for everyone special in your life:

  • Co-workers: Keep it to a basic “xoxo” or “happy valentine’s day” message
  • Parents: Include a simple proclamation of how much you love them and thanks for all they’ve done for you
  • Friends: Somewhere in between a co-worker and friend message :)…Maybe even a funny poem that plays off of roses are red and violets are blue like, “Roses are red, violets are blue…being hungover is only fun when I’m with you!”
  • Significant others: Be heartfelt! What do you love about them? How do they make you a better person? What do you think is now possible because of their influence? What are you proud of them for? What do you want to do later in bed? 😉 You can even try a poem. For example, Krista loves this one. Sometimes she removes the third stanza…

Stay tuned for our Valentine’s Day “cootie catchers” idea!

cheers! krista & taylor

brass blossom