inspired side — veggie poke

one of my favorite plates ever.

one of my favorite plates ever.

When the boy was lucky enough to bring home 50 lbs of flash frozen ahi last winter from the baja, we dedicated ourselves to mastering how to cook the delicious, clean, and meaty fish. I think I could eat ahi every day, and we basically did for a couple months.

We would sear it rare on the salt block with some sesame seeds and serve it with some jasmine rice. But, what about a veggie? In comes my invention, veggie poke, based off a yummy dish I enjoyed at The Sushi Bar in McCall, Idaho.

It’s quick, simple, refreshing, and sophisticated and brings plenty of color and nutrients to your plate.




prep:cook time


20 minutes



  • one large cucumber
  • one bunch asparagus
  • two large carrots
  • one large avocado
  • sesame seeds
  • soy sauce
  • juice from one large lemon



  1.  add a teaspoon of olive oil to a medium frying pan and heat over medium heat. rinse and chop the asparagus into .5 inch pieces. add the asparagus to the pan and cook, stirring occasionally, until barely tender. remove from heat.
  2. peel, core (with a spoon to get the soft seeds out) and medium dice the cucumber and add to a medium bowl.
  3. peel and medium dice the carrot and add to bowl.
  4. half, grid in .5 inch pieces, and scoop out small cubes of avocado into bowl.
  5. once cool, add the asparagus to the bowl.
  6. mix about 1 T soy sauce, the juice of one large lemon, and a healthy dash of sesame seeds into the bowl. mix well. add more of any of those ingredients to taste and even add some sriracha for some kick.
FullSizeRender copy

yummy, simple ingredients

FullSizeRender_1 copy

chopped asparagus

FullSizeRender_2 copy

scooped cucumber


perfect avo


finely grid the avocado and squeeze or scoop out the chunks

FullSizeRender_3 copy

some beautiful ahi, direct from our local grocery store

undressed veggies

undressed veggies

veggie poke ready to go

veggie poke ready to go

cheers krista


brass blossom

eggs, eggs & feathers – easter dinner

I feel like we have all been a bit busy recently. After a tremendously busy holiday season and a crazy start to the new year, my new resolution is to shave away all the chaos that inevitably surrounds a holiday. So for Easter, I really just wanted to enjoy a relaxing day.

For Easter evning, I boiled my options down to either going to a movie with Krista and overindulging in halfpops and wine or hosting a small dinner. To at least be semi-festive, I decided on the latter. So the boy and I offered to host a very simple Easter dinner for Krista, Chase and Par Pars.

We enjoyed simple fare, a simple table and lovely company – the makings of a perfect Sunday evening and Easter holiday!

(Fair Warning: This post is almost entirely pictures of the decor as I failed to take more than one food picture or “company” picture…#bloggingfail)


A fellow blogger over at barbaraglenfriend, (DG) sister and Oregonian who is currently living in Estonia perfectly summed up my sentiments about pastels when she chose lavender as the one pastel to use for her Easter brunch style post. Being as slate gray is my favorite color, pastels aren’t quite my jam, let alone every pastel color in a smorgasbord that has become Easter.

Here is a look at our natural Easter dinner table with a scattering of eggs, more eggs and some feathers with pops of gold, black and white!

  • floral paper from Willow Papery
  • white gerbera daisies in mason jars
  • large vase filled with gold Cadbury Caramel Eggs and pheasant feathers (courtesy of the boy)
  • white speckled, mild chocolate malted eggs
  • farm fresh, hard-boiled, speckled eggs as name tags (from my aunt, uncle and cousin’s chickens)
beautiful farm-fresh eggs from my aunt, uncle and cousins chickens

beautiful farm-fresh eggs from my aunt, uncle and cousins chickens


thanks for the eggs!

thanks for the eggs!

hard-boiled egg for name tag

hard-boiled egg for name tag


cadbury eggs + white, malted eggs

cadbury eggs + white, malted eggs

large feather center-piece

large pheasant feather center-piece







eggs + extra candy (of course in pastels) for munching on later

eggs + extra candy (of course in pastels) for munching on later



Krista brought up a very valid point when we were discussing what to do for Easter – she doesn’t exactly love any Easter food. Being the rabbit eater (pun intended) that I am, I wholeheartedly agreed with her distaste. Thus, a clean, simple and nutritious menu was born.

  • smoked duck, cheddar and local Sun Valley Mustard
  • wild rice with toasted edamame beans
  • baked asparagus with olive oil, sea salt and Parmesan cheese
  • salmon with lemon, onions, fresh rosemary, olive oil, sea salt and white pepper (grunt work done by the boy)
  • arugula, goat cheese, pear and sunflower seed salad
  • a bite of selected desserts from Sun Valley’s Konditorei
the boy's plate

the boy’s plate (from quite possibly the most awkward angle)

the company

While you have probably seen our faces and our boy’s faces enough, I refuse to believe you can never get enough of these darlings. Plus, these happen to be the only pictures I actually took of the “company” for the evening…

miss maude pod

miss maude pod

love pug lizzie

love pug lizzie

taylor brass

brass blossom