showering baby girl parker with love (and pumpkins)

On Christmas Eve, the Detwiler Family is due to receive the best gift ever — a baby girl, daughter of my cousin Anna and her husband, Robert.

I have only been to one baby shower in my life, let alone ever hosted one. My cousin Heather and I jumped at the opportunity to host a celebration for Anna and her little one. It was a beautiful afternoon full of lots of love, bubbles, bites, and gifts. We can’t wait to meet you, Baby Parker!


We couldn’t resist some pink (and gold, duh) and so selected this gold foil square invite with a pink envelope liner from Paperless Post, the paper line.


many think that Paperless Post is always paperless, but think again! The quality of these festive invites was pleasantly surprising — more so than other popular stationery brands I’ve seen.

Since the shower was in October, we easily decided on an autumn theme. I found this photo on Pinterest that served as inspiration (more to come on these very versatile decorations!):


found on

Here’s our version, plus some additional gold and pink details with some canvas and chalkboard signs:


you should have seen Heather and me blowing up these balloons…we found a sip of wine before each effort helped tremendously 🙂


more to come on these carved pumpkin centerpieces!


it’s amazing what you can do with some spray paint, candlesticks, and Costco flowers!

baby shower

baby shower

big balloons and metallic pumpkins greeted guests at the front door

baby shower

a cool copper color spray paint I found at the local hardware store

baby shower

dress my cupcake is a great décor brand (albeit a little pricey when it all adds up!) that I found at Zucher’s

baby shower

can’t resist a colorful straw and some chalkboard food signs!


We decided on a baby shower brunch since it was on a Sunday and provided some yummy small bites of both breakfast and lunch foods.

Heather and I prepared:

  • A mimosa bar and some non-alcoholic options
  • French toast casserole with maple syrup (rave reviews. recipe here.)
  • Avocado toast with homemade bread
  • Bacon wrapped fingerling potatoes (my personal favorite. recipe here, plus we brushed on some pesto before baking.)
  • Veggie cheese quiche from Cristina’s (which disappeared in about 20 minutes)
  • Donut hole kabobs

Friends of the mom-to-be brought:

  • Mini quiche
  • Fruit
  • Kale salad (our all-time favorite. recipe here)
  • Pumpkin and red velvet cupcakes from Bigwood Bread (anna’s favorite)
  • Caramel chocolate cake from Cristina’s (another of anna’s favorites)
  • Baguette with spinach dip and mixed veggies
baby shower

I repurposed the “yay” gold letters I made for our “K” birthday party and served tea and coffee out of these one-of-a-kind cups from Boulder Mountain Clayworks

baby shower

the spread!

baby shower

these were ridiculously delicious…

baby shower

pretty dessert corner with a canvas sign that took me wayyyy to long to make


gotta love brunch

baby shower

pretty avocado toast on homemade bread by mike


how pretty is that cake from cristina’s?!

the company

Anna and Baby Parker are so loved, and that showed with the guest list and the size of the present pile! I’ve also never had so many small children in my home, let alone newborns!



baby shower

mom-to-be and cassie hitting up the mimosa bar (sparkling cider for anna, of course!)

baby shower

these are real…newborn…babies…four of them…in my house!

baby shower

hostesses and the beautiful mom-to-be!

the present pile

the present pile

pretty present wrapping

pretty present wrapping

It was a great day, and we are counting down the days until Baby Girl Parker’s arrival!

cheers krista


brass blossom


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