idaho dreaming – the dream catcher of my dreams


The Brass Blossom is all about crafting. But even we will admit that some crafting endeavors are better left to professionals, Idaho professionals that is. Ginormous dream catchers are one of those crafting endeavors.

I had been searching for like seven months for the dream catcher of my literal dreams after I had a crazy dream/vision early on this year that the boy, Maude Pod and I needed a ginormous dream catcher to ensure only sweet dreams ahead. This dream left me amiss and on an extensive search for the biggest and most ethereal dream catcher I could find. But I searched high and low with no luck for a ginormous dream catcher that likely wasn’t made in some factory in Taiwan (sorry, Urban Outfitters) because factories don’t scream sweet dreams to me.

And ironically I finally found one so close to home. Perhaps home (if it’s Idaho) is truly the answer to most of life’s quests. And Idaho Dreaming was the answer to my search. They hand-designed, hand-made, hand-wrapped (so cute!) and hand-delivered the dream catcher of my dream. And I couldn’t love it more. So even though it’s not a #brassblossom craft it is fully worthy of a spot (slash major photo drop) on the blog. You all need to check out their Instagram for some swoon worthy photos and head on over to Idaho Dreaming’s Etsy Shop for the dream catcher of your dreams.

Cheers to only sweet dreams ahead!

i couldn't think of a better way to wrap a dream catcher

the perfect wrap job



the cutest little tag (clearly not made in a factory!)


love the color scheme

love the color scheme with touches of gold




so pretty!

so pretty!


miss maude pod approved!

miss maude pod approved!

i cant even handle this cuteness <3

i cant even handle this cuteness ❤

Sweet dreams!

taylor brass

brass blossom

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