best of june — news, views, laughs, reads, and eats

With a hectic summer, bi-monthly weekend love its just aren’t looking like an attainable reality for me. So, I am going to focus on the best of each month instead. Here’s a look at an action-packed June!

1. best news

Some of the best people I know recently welcomed and are about to welcome a sweet little babe to the world! After a long-awaited gender reveal, miss Makena Wigell made her debut fashionably late just in time for Fourth of July weekend on July 2. I can’t wait to meet this sweet thing!

Christmas may come a little early with BBP (baby bob Parker, although gender officially TBD), the on-the-way cutie of my cousin’s. Congrats to all! So excited to meet our newest family members!

baby girl Makena Wigell

sweet baby girl, Makena Wigell

2. best views

The Idaho outdoors didn’t fail to inspire this month, with a much-needed work retreat to MeadowCreek Spa in Stanley, an epic hike up to Pioneer Cabin (which I will forever refer to as the “death hike”), a beautiful birthday at Redfish Lake (although in my post-hike exhaustion I failed to take a single photo), and a country song-worthy night on Silvercreek with some of my all-time favorites.





a nice little ride in the "Freedom"

a nice little ride in the “Freedom”



3. best laughs

I traveled to South Lake Tahoe for the boy’s sister’s amazing bachelorette party. We had an incredible time with some cocktails, beach time, flip cup, gambling, pool time, and of course, lots of dancing. Our official mascot really brought some laughs and opened some doors for us. What a great weekend! Can’t wait to stand by her side when she marries her dream guy on July 18!


some late night noms at The Lucky Beaver — Lei and all

some late night noms at The Lucky Beaver — Lei and all

the only thing that could save me on Sunday — a poolside rootbeer float

the only thing that could save me on Sunday — a poolside rootbeer float

so much margarita

so much margarita

the mascot...

the mascot…

fresh faced at the first dinner

fresh faced at the first dinner

bachelorette sash

bachelorette sash

adorable hair ties from Etsy, organized by the maid of honor

adorable hair ties from Etsy, organized by the maid of honor

survival kits, also from Etsy and organized by the maid of honor

survival kits, also from Etsy and organized by the maid of honor

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve noticed that Amy Schumer is killing it, as evidenced by this hysterical video. Thanks to my cousin Heather for bringing this to my attention!

4. best goosebump moments

“strong alone, champions together.” How badass is the US Women’s Soccer Team?! Congrats to the World Cup Champs — what an incredible tournament and well-deserved win! Thanks for an empowering and inspiring June. Here’s a great recap from the NY Times, an interesting observation of the correlation between sporting success and gender equality, and a look at the media’s treatment of own goals for men vs. women.


My cousin Heather and I traveled to a strip mall in Garden City to see Randy Rogers Band, and it was truly amazing. He sang an incredible single off his new album that he dedicated to his newborn daughter that he lost far too soon. Other than that emotional moment, it was a great opportunity for some singing, dancing, and some vodka sodas in the VIP section!


My other cousin (yes, as a friend informed me, I have cousins coming out of my ears) works for one of my favorite nonprofits, the Advocates. They hosted their annual Black and White Soiree in mid June, and it was a smashing success. They brilliantly connected their attendees to the cause when they had their teen interns read powerful, disconcerting anonymous responses from their work with Green Dot. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, and the paddles flew! Congrats to Anna on a job well done, and thank you to the Advocates for your great work!

chilling statistics

chilling statistics


date night with mom

date night with mom

great minds think alike! No, we didn't plan this...

great minds think alike! No, we didn’t plan this…

5. best reads

A friend and classmate reposted this article titled “The Hardest Part of Grieving: Actually Allowing Yourself to Do It” that she wrote about grief after losing her mom to cancer, and I am thankful. Sara perfectly and concisely sums up so many misconceptions and lessons about grief that everyone should read. She even bolded the important parts!

After ugly crying through parts of The Theory of Everything, I instantly started Googling. What an inspiring movie, which very much deserves every bit of notoriety it has received. I love these quotes from Steven Hawking, especially, “One: remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two: never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three: if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is rare and don’t throw it away.” (His advice for his 3 children.) His quotes depict his good humor, humility, and amazing attitude. We can all learn from him!


6. best eats and drinks

No post would be complete without a nod to some eating and drinking…I had one of the best home-cooked meals of my life at my mom’s when a dear family friend dry roasted whole chickens (cut in half) and served them with with an incredible herb chimichurri sauce and grilled pineapple pieces. I ate 3/4 of a chicken, no joke. I am going to try to replicate this soon — no way it will come close, but I have to try!


yum! the ultimate summer plate

yum! the ultimate summer plate

Ketchum has welcomed two new restaurants recently, which is always exciting news to me. The genius Mason family opened Town Square Tavern, which features incredible interior design by our favorite, Jennifer Hoey, and an inventive Mediterranean/world cuisine menu. I’m not usually a dessert girl, but their desserts — and the duck confit ravioli — were to die for.

just a sample of the incredible interior design at Town Square Tavern — no website yet to flaunt the menu!

just a sample of the incredible interior design at Town Square Tavern — no website yet to flaunt the menu!

The second is the Warfield Distillery and Brewery. Ketchum has needed something exactly like this place for several years. True to their name, they brew their own beer and distill their own booze. While their technical soft opening is this weekend, Community School alumni were lucky enough to sample some of their delicious (so so good!) food and cocktails at a very soft opening over Fourth of July weekend. Can’t wait to sit down for dinner and enjoy some drinks on the rooftop deck this summer!


7. best guy

Cheers to this guy, who has been putting up with my ocd tendencies, obsession with bad TV and nonstop social schedule for half a decade. Love you, Cha-se!




cheers krista


brass blossom

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