idaho adventures — hell roaring lake + 8 years

“difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” 

Six months ago, I thought my life would never be the same. All I could think about for quite some time was that I just wanted my life to rewind to “normal.” I wanted day-in and day-out life occurrences. I begged, wished, dreamed, groveled to any life force for what my life was, what we had and what we were going to have. And maybe while nothing will ever be normal, my life has returned to a new normal. And it, despite the somewhat testy road, is beautiful.

Something else quite beautiful is that the boy and I celebrated 8 years of being graced with each other’s presence this month. It has been 8 years full of many wonderful laughs, loves, big things and little things. It has also been 8 years of testing the waters.

So to celebrate we went on an Idaho adventure. We toyed with the idea of a few lakes but finally decided on going to Hell Roaring Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains. Nothing says romantic like a place called “Hell Roaring.” So with the irony upon us we set out on the 11-mile (round trip) hike. The term hike is a relative term as the “hike” is more like a meander through the woods. There is really no elevation gain but by the end of our adventure we were all too ready for some cold water and beer and to get a load off of our feet.

Like all Idaho lakes and adventures there was no disappointment along the way. We meandered along Hell Roaring Creek that was literally roaring (hence the name) for the first mile or so. The creek then turned into a gently flow that Miss Maude Pod had a hay day in and provided the most peaceful setting. It was another one of those times, those places that life seemed to cease. It was quiet, vividly green and we were surrounded for miles by pure, uninhabited (minus the backpackers) wilderness. Another ever so strong reminder of why we choose to live, breathe and coexist in Idaho.

We added onto our adventure with a few beers at Bridge Street Grill, a fabulous night on Redfish Lake and a late night dinner of boxed Annie’s Mac and Cheese. I was even convinced (or deceived by others saying that they would go with me…) to go for an evening waterski on the lake. I managed to use some stored away athleticism and get up on the first try for a little gaunt around the lake. The boy kept making fun of me that I would get my hair wet (as I had earlier that day refused to swim with him in Hell Roaring), so to prove him wrong and obviously “win” I managed to go the entire ski without dunking underwater. #win. The water was smooth and frigid, the sky was crystal clear and the company was ridiculously encouraging. Definitely my type of ski.

While we were hiking that day, the boy (next to the ever so romantic “Hell Roaring Creek” told me) that it was a perfect day. And that it truly was. We were engulfed by Idaho wilderness with wildflowers blooming, enjoying each other’s pure company with Miss Maude Pod trotting along with no real worries, cares or commitments to attend to. It was definitely one of those days that I pleaded for and I am ever so thankful for that day and everyday that I get to spend with the boy. It’s a beautiful destination.

ready to embark!

ready to embark!


hiking along "hell roaring creek"

hiking along “hell roaring creek”



letting maude pod cool down with a swim

letting maude pod cool down with a swim

being responsible and signing us in

being responsible and signing us in

not being as responsible and taking secret selfies

not being as responsible and taking secret selfies

always the model

always the model

giving maude a bit of water - sharing is caring

giving maude a bit of water from the camelback – sharing is caring

we made it!

we made it!




the finger of fate (the pinnacle to the center left)

his & hers (i only carried mine for looks...)

his & hers (i only carried mine for looks…)






the lonesome morel we found!

the lonesome morel we found!


good bye hell roaring

good bye hell roaring, until next time


so idaho

so idaho…

the best post-hike view & drink in stanley

the best post-hike view & drink in stanley

great company...

my fabulous company



beautiful evening on the lake

beautiful evening on redfish lake


taylor brass

brass blossom

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