weekend love it – (hoppy) easter

So corny and slightly belated but (hoppy) Easter! We enjoyed a “white” Easter in Idaho this year, as in 6 inches of fresh snow. Wah. While it wasn’t exactly the sight I wanted to wake up to, it was still a wonderful weekend full of fun and a bit of relaxation.

Here is a look!

1. easter. The boy, Miss Maude Pod and I were quite busy bunnies this Easter. We enjoyed a scrumptious brunch and Easter baskets (peeped out by the boy’s mother – so creative! I admire any one who is skilled with a glue gun) at the boy’s parent’s house and then a super simple dinner at our house with Krista and Chase. They brought Par Pars, so her and Maude Pod made sweet wrestling sounds biting each other’s faces while we enjoyed dinner….

We have all been quite busy so we concluded a simple dinner was the way to go. It was a day full of food and “family.”

awkward easter family posing + the most creative "peeped" out baskets around

awkward easter family posing + the most creative “peeped” out baskets around

the greatest easter basket ever

the greatest easter basket ever (so creative!) + a sniff from maude pod

i have to admit peeps are pretty cute

i have to admit peeps are pretty cute

easter brunch table at the boy's parents

easter brunch table at the boy’s parents

succulents & juice

succulents & juice

incredible brunch

incredible brunch

maude pod's new dragon easter toy

maude pod’s new dragon easter toy

easter dinner table

easter dinner table

post coming soon!

post coming soon!

2. maude pod is one! I truly cannot believe that my little Miss Maude Pod turned one yesterday. It seems like just yesterday that the boy and I brought her home and she was just a tiny little blob that looked like a mini platypus. She has grown up a bit and is definitely a big girl now but she will always be a baby to us. Happy birthday Maudy Poddy!

And yes, I am that crazy dog lady that bribes her dog to pose so I can get cute birthday pictures.

birthday hat that she tolerated with some serious bribing

birthday hat that she tolerated with some serious bribing

birthday bone!

birthday bone!

3. unsubscribing. I honestly don’t know why I have never thought of it before but something that has recently made me SO happy is the concept of unsubscribing to emails. I used to wake up to 60+ emails each morning, many of which were just non-sense (my online shopping addiction is probably to blame for this…).

My aunt who is always full of amazing ideas told me that she unsubscribes from 5 e-mails a day = brilliant. I started with a mass unsubscribing effort and have since unsubscribed from several emails every day. It has made my inbox and morning routine so much nicer and less swamped. I highly recommend this habit to anyone and everyone.



4. orange dress. Don’t get me wrong, I am still loving florals but this super, bright, perfect, orange dress from Bishop + Young just stole my heart. I tried it on at a local boutique Ketchum Flower – Girl Friday and thought I could live without it. Wrong. I ended up thinking about the dress all weekend like a crazy lady and went and bought it first thing Monday morning.

This dress has big plans paired with a tan and some summer weddings…

bishop + young - spaghetti strap dress

bishop + young – spaghetti strap dress

5. spend your money on experiences. I’m pretty much going to contradict everything I just said but this article on the science of why you should spend your money on experiences not things is a must read. I have always had a bit of a travel bug but living in Idaho as a semi-broke post-graduate doesn’t exactly assist in world traveling. However, I recently turned over a new leaf and figured that when life hands you lemons, you better travel.

I have an amazing trip planned for next week with some fabulous ladies and I am literally counting down the days until sunshine! A post will obviously follow…


And if you need one more reason to travel, here are 5 Reasons Travel is Important for Your Career

6. book. I was kindly given the book Tiny Beautiful Things a few months back and have since turned to it several times when life just seems a bit too hard. Before Cheryl Strayed was Cheryl Strayed, best selling author of Wild, she wrote what was once an anonymous online advise column called “Dear Sugar.” Tiny Beautiful Things is the best of of the best of Sugar’s responses to letters for advice.

What I love about Sugar is she is so honest that she is real. There is no sugar coating anything, which is something that I truly appreciate. Sugar tells it how it is, that life can just really suck. I think it’s this acknowledgement that life can blow that provided me some solace as I read and read. And regardless of if I relate to the problem or the writer for advice, I always get something from Sugar. Sugar is definitely someone who helps you keep going when shit really hits the fan. Even if your life is all rainbows and fairy-tales, I think that everyone can appreciate Sugar and become just a bit wiser from reading Tiny Beautiful Things.


7. massage. I received a gift certificate for a massage (so amazing!) and figured the hopefully last snowy weekend this Spring would be the perfect time for some relaxation. I enjoyed my massage at Zenergy at Thunder Springs (aka Zenergy) on Easter and spent an amazing hour literally drooling on myself. Thank god those rooms are dark. It was just the perfect amount of relaxation I needed after a few stressful months….thank you First Lite!

the entrance of the spa at zenergy

the entrance of the spa at zenergy

quite possibly the best view in all of town is from zenergy

quite possibly the best view in all of town is from zenergy and i cannot wait to sprawl on one of those lawn chairs come summer

8. pugs. I love pugs. And here are all the recent pug-tastic things that pugs have been doing that I have been loving!

a. 21 Ways You and Your BFF Rule the World – (pug style) obviously a must read (thanks Ali!)

b. Butt Sniffin Pugs – apparently this is a real game. I don’t even know how or why but I like it.

butt sniffin' pugs

butt sniffin’ pugs

c. Pug ride-a-longs are the best rides. I adore my little pugger Lizzie but I will admit she is probably pushing 30+ pounds. Regardless, she is a lovely old lady who just really wants to go on walks. But she can’t quite make it down the driveway…so much to the boy’s dismay I usually tote her along in a baby stroller or backpack.

When we celebrated Maude Pod’s first birthday with a little hike, I loaded Lizzie up in a backpacking backpack (she’s a LOT of pug) and she rode-a-long and basked in the sun. I got a workout and she got a “walk.” Double win!

pug ride-a-long

pug ride-a-long

taylor brass

brass blossom

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