winter whites — krista’s birthday

Exciting news: The Brass Blossom is back. It has been a tumultuous couple of months, but we are finally feeling some sense of normalcy and wanted to get back to some blogging. And we figured that a post about a celebration was the perfect way to kick off our 2015 blogging.

To celebrate Krista’s birthday this year, our friend Rachel and I threw Krista a birthday gathering at the beginning of January. Krista’s birthday falls, and will always fall, right after the holidays. It’s a topic of conversation each year, but trying to plan a gathering, celebration or even a simple get-together immediately after the holidays and New Year is tricky. Unfortunately everyone seems to be partied out….

So with that in mind I tried to match everyone’s current mood with an après-ski, winter white party. The fare was inspired by Krista and all the things she loves. Think lots of cheese, which I full-heartedly support. Here is a (very belated) look at the party!


After the holidays and New Years I felt that I needed a party cleanse. I was channeling all things pure and natural and with it being the middle of winter, a winter white theme with touches of neutrals was born. But don’t worry, obviously there was some glitter and sparkle thrown into the mix because a party isn’t a party without a little sparkle…

Decorations included:

  • dusted white gumbo pinecones (spray painted lightly with white spray paint)
  • large “K” (spray painted with white spray paint)
  • tin gift tags that were repurposed into dish labels
  • gold, glittery Christmas ornaments
  • rustic wood coasters
  • white balloons
  • rustic wood birthday banner (diy post coming soon!)
  • neutral floral arrangement








Since the party was post-skiing but pre-dinner, the menu was inspired by appetizers with a Krista flare. We attempted to incorporate a few of Krista’s favorite things: champagne, cheese, some veggies, more cheese, olives, limes, the list could go on and on. I realize while typing that list that it may sound like a random assortment, but Krista has perhaps one of the most amazing palates of anyone I know and her taste in food (and to be honest most everything) is impeccable.

Nom noms included:

  • champagne cocktail with a “birch bark” straw (champagne + bitters + lemon peel + sugar cube) & an assortment of beers
  • deconstructed Caesar salad
  • veggies and hummus
  • two types of toasted brie with crackers, dried fruit and olives
  • gluten-free cheese pizza with olives and pepperoni
  • homemade white popcorn
  • mini key lime tarts (recipe coming soon!)


idaho beer cooler









the company





Cheers to (the rest of) Krista’s new year and many more birthdays to come!

taylor brass

brass blossom

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