sending love


Thus far 2015 has been a year (enter choice swear word…). A year full of raw emotions and simultaneous tears and smiles. As some of you may know my “boy” suffered a critical injury at the beginning of January. And while he is doing spectacular, and it will be A Positive Tale, it has needless to say been a rough year.

However in the midst of it all, when the road to recovery began to seem just the more manageable, “The Brass Blossom” officially turned one. So on February 9, Krista and I celebrated. It wasn’t necessarily the popping bottles, dancing on the table type of celebration you might imagine, but it was perfect. We went to a comforting and indulgent lunch at Cristina’s, split a glass of champagne and just talked.

It was a day that obviously marked a milestone for us. Over the last year we have poured our hearts, souls and Martha Stewart crafty selves into this blog. What started as an outlet in the middle of winter to surround ourselves with pretty things has become a part of us. It is something that we genuinely love and keeps us going in the toughest of times.

And during this tough, frustrating, yet remarkably hopeful time, one thing we knew that we wanted to do was send some love. Because regardless if it is two days or 15 days after Valentine’s Day, it is never too late to send a little love. It seemed only fitting that since our first-ever post was about valentines, we should send some again this year. These photos are a part of that effort, no matter the fact that they’re quite belated.

We will be honest. Neither of us are exactly hopeless romantics — we’re more like realists, something we have always related to in the other. But even realists like us know that in the suckiest of times, if nothing else, there is love. And love has gotten us through the last month and a half.


So we are back. Or as back as we can be for now given the circumstances to send some Brass Blossom love near and far.

Huge special thanks to my mother or my “Craft Minion” as I commonly refer to her as. She got out her needle and thread and hand-stitched the top of our banner at like 9:00 pm one night. No questions asked. She is one devoted lady and simply radiates love.

Also, huge thanks to our friend Rachel who not only took the pictures of us awkwardly posing but also told us when we looked awkward. That’s a true friend, and we love her dearly.










We love you all.

krista and taylor


brass blossom

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