weekend love it – holiday whirl wind

This holiday season has been a whirl wind. Albeit a crazy whirl wind, it has been full of fun, loves and laughs. I generally love a good night in relaxing so I have been trying to temper the nightly holiday gatherings with relaxing “activities” that help the introvert in me recharge.

1. Holiday Parties. Even though I’m definitely more of a home body, I have loved all of the recent holiday gatherings that we have been invited to. A highlight of these gatherings was a “kids” holiday party that two wonderful ladies that I grew up with threw. Everything from the table setting (with touches of gold!), the food and wine were perfect.

We topped off the night playing quite possibly the most dysfunctional game of charades ever. The theme of celebrities was very loosely followed and everything from people at the party to Harry Potter was acted out several times. Charades + “kids” party + bottles of wine + cute dog = amazing time had by all.

Although it sounds corny, I am so thankful to be surrounded by such incredible friends and family!


holiday alumni party for the school krista & i attended


"kids" holiday party table setting

beautiful “kids” holiday party table setting

nom nom dinner

nom nom dinner


best aeoli maker around and the perfect depiction of the night2

2. Family, Friends & more Friends. The boy’s mother has always said that Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday since it focuses on bringing everyone together. I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment and have loved spending the recently chilly nights with family and friends.

Plus I received an incredible, new camera (from my generous parents), so family and friends have made for the perfect test shots!

love these two!

love these two!

friends & barney

friends & barney

no words

no words

3. Holiday Cards. I love receiving holiday cards from friends near and far. Our fridge is plastered with them along with old wedding invites and save the dates. I love seeing such cheer every time I look at the fridge!

This year I ordered the our holiday card from Shutterfly, which always has amazing holiday coupon codes. Our cards came wrapped up in a bright orange box and were just as I ordered! I wrapped red and white twine around each card (for the hand deliveries) and added a holiday stamp on the back and envelope for a touch of DIY.

Happy holidays from the boy, Miss Maude and I!


holiday card essentials


coming soon to a mailbox near you

coming soon to a mailbox near you

4. Freezing Ski Days. Bald Mountain (more commonly known as “Baldy”) is our local ski resort that is quite literally in town. Growing up I took for granted the convenience of the mountain that provided endless days of fun.

This weekend I took advantage of a day pass that I can request from work and headed up to ski with friends. To be perfectly honest, I am much more of a “spring skier” when the weather is around 40 degrees and you can get a tan. So with the recent average of 10 degrees, I bundled up and put hand warmers in every space possible to enjoy a few runs.

I always forget how strenuous and incredible fun skiing is. I am making it a priority to go more often this Winter!

cant beat this view

cant beat this view – it was too cold to be gloveless for any other pictures!

5. Holiday Baking. I love baking but I really love holiday baking. I volunteered to bring dessert to all of our recent holiday gatherings. With so many festivities and Christmas I was limited on time so I made sure to keep the desserts as simple as possible.

A quick look below! Gingerbread brownie recipe coming soon!

apple spice cake with a cream glaze & fresh cranberries

apple spice cake with a cream glaze & fresh cranberries

cranberry-raspberry upside down cake

cranberry-raspberry upside down cake

gingerbread brownies

gingerbread brownies

6. Marathon Movies. Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan already probably knows, but there was an epic Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family this weekend. I happen to think movies are just that much better when they are on TV. I intermittently watched from start to finish and enjoyed every second of the Harry Potter mania!

Even the boy got addicted and refused to unload the dishwasher so he could watch. He is lucky I love Harry Potter…

hogwarts christmas

hogwarts christmas – so magical (pun intended)

taylor brass

brass blossom

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