weekend love it — winter wonderland

It is a full-on winter wonderland in Sun Valley right now. Happy Holidays! I love just about everything right now, but here are some highlights:

1. Let it snow! It was such a treat to wake up (though with a terrible hangover and possibly still intoxicated) to this incredible fresh blanket of snow on Sunday morning. It’s a white Christmas in Sun Valley!

waking up to 10" of fresh snow on a Sunday is the best!

waking up to 10″ of fresh snow on a Sunday is the best!

the girls making snow angels

the girls making snow angels

2. Caroling, caroling through the snow. One of my favorite things about a Sun Valley Christmas is the carolers — they travel around Sun Valley village and perform songs at each restaurant. Their performances are so beautiful, and they always bring tears to my eyes. I especially love when they use these bells…


3. JT and GB.  I heart JT. I also heart this song by Garth Brooks. The two together? Amazing. Check it out.

4. Emma Watson. I’ve been told that Emma Watson is my doppleganger, and I will take that compliment any day. It helps that she’s just all around awesome and wise beyond her years. Here’s a look at “7 Emma Watson Quotes That Will Challenge Your Views on Young Hollywood”.


5. My NYE dress. I thought I was going to wear the extra dress I ordered from last year for NYE this year…Turns out, I look like a baby prostitute in it. So, I scoured the internet super last minute and found this gem. I couldn’t find it in my size and the color I wanted online, so my cousin came to the rescue and picked one up for me in Newport Beach. Can’t wait!

Urban Renewal paillette dress

Urban Renewal paillette dress

6. The fam. No words needed. Love these folks.

the fam

the fam

cheers krista


brass blossom

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