love it — countdown to the holidays

It feels like full-on Christmas time in Sun Valley. Typically I’m a “wait until after Thanksgiving” kind of girl before transitioning to my favorite holiday of the year, but I’m having an extra hard time with that this year. Stay tuned for a holiday inspiration post from both of us. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

1. Holiday Inspiration: Ok, I can’t help but throw some inspiration out there. On a recent trip to Boulder, Colorado, I picked up a Martha Stewart Living and Bon Appétit magazine rather than my typical tabloid purchases. I basically earmarked every single page. Here are photos of a couple of my favorite ideas and recipes that I can’t wait to try!

  • This Thanksgiving etiquette guide from Bon Appétit — it’s hilarious and spot-on. This seating guide seems particularly helpful and made me chuckle…
seating guide, among other great tips and tricks, from bon appétit

seating guide, among other great tips and tricks, from bon appétit

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

  • Adorable crafts from the craft master, Martha Stewart…You have to pick up a copy of Martha Stewart Living to experience these, but there are some giant balloon ornaments, sheep skin covers for chairs, and some incredible décor ideas.
this isn't from Martha Stewart, but it's basically the same thing from

this isn’t from Martha Stewart, but it’s basically the same thing from Studio DIY

2. The anticipation of awesome movies: ‘Tis the season for great movies…I saw Mockingjay Part 1, and though it was pretty depressing, it was very well-done. On the other side of the spectrum, I also recently watched DamNation, an incredible documentary about dams in the United States…and then there was Dumb and Dumber To, which was just not as funny as the original, but those are huge shoes to fill. Here are some films that I’m really looking forward to seeing soon!

Pitch Perfect 2:


Into the Woods:

Love, Rosie:

3. Book worming it: On my recent trip to Mexico, I ripped through three different books. The first was The Giver, which I probably don’t need to tell you about. Apparently I missed out on that Middle School rite of passage.

Wild: While I wasn’t initially sure how I felt about this book, (I wasn’t sure I really believed or trusted the narrator, it all seemed a little over-the-top) I came to really love it and appreciate her experience and perspective as she hikes the Pacific Coast Trail and mourns the passing of her mother. I have to say, the trailer seems to hit all the high points in my mind, and I think Reese Witherspoon is a perfectly natural choice to play Cheryl Strayed. Can’t wait to see it! Minus the horse scene, which I just completely skipped over the book and plan to in the movie as well.


Me Before You: This book had been suggested with varying levels of enthusiasm. I absolutely loved it and absolutely recommend it — it’s a beautiful, funny and thought-provoking story about a young quadriplegic who has chosen to end his life and his corky caregiver. It’s being made into a movie starring Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke and The Hunger Game’s Sam Claflin, which also gives it some major bonus points.

Me Before You

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

cheers krista


brass blossom

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