weekend love it — savoring the sun

It has been a long, hard week, but it’s impossible to not feel like the luckiest girl in the world when you live in the most beautiful place in the world…and when you have the most supportive friends and family in the world.

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

1. Indian Sun Valley summer. My preparation for fall may have been a bit premature. It has been so crazy beautiful here lately. As a mountain biker said on a recent hike, “The sky here is always blue, but sometimes it is BLUE.” As in the most beautiful, pure, and potent blue you’ve ever seen. Pair that with gold speckled aspen trees, and you have a colliding horizon that makes even the simplest tasks take that much longer, because you want to take a picture of every view. Here are some photos of the lovely scenery:

new neighborhood hike

new neighborhood hike


trail creek at work

dr. suess tree

dr. suess tree



failed selfie on proctor with par par

failed selfie on proctor with par par

fun hike with aunt gina, uncle tom, and mom!

fun hike with aunt gina, uncle tom, and mom!



2. LC’s wedding. I have always admired this lovely lady. Sure, reality TV is silly, but she has always struck me as someone who is composed, graceful, creative, and even genuine and modest. Her wedding, and her as a bride, from what I can tell from these photos was all of those things. I especially love this photo by Elizabeth Messina of Kiss the Groom (which is on my bookmarks bar, check it out for an onslaught of swoon-worthy photos) of their engagement.

Elizabeth Messina's photo

Elizabeth Messina’s photo

3. Gone Girl. This book was upsetting to me — it was great, thrilling, twisted, well-written, and I would recommend it, but it also infuriated me for the way it represented gender relations. The main characters, Nick and Amy, are equally horrible. You hate them both enough to agree that they deserve each other. I loved the movie — I thought it was perfectly cast — but both Taylor and I left feeling like something was slightly off. We didn’t hate Nick nearly as much as we hated Amy in the movie which wasn’t the case in the book. There are many more themes and undertones and a level of complexity in the book that were missing from the movie. This article puts it perfectly. Good find, Taylor. That being said, go see it. When has the movie ever been as good as the book?

4. Yoga pants.  Yes, I’m wearing some right now. The recent coverage of dress codes and their connection with slut-shaming has certainly caught my, and any self-respecting woman’s, attention. The fact that these girls are being forced to alter their behavior and compromise their comfort all because “the boys can’t help themselves” is a great example of a lot that’s wrong with society. Here’s a great article that says it better than I can. Also, this makes me laugh…and is also relevant to my point.


5. Neighbors and baked goods. Moving into a new house brings a new awareness and investment in your new neighborhood. I’m having fun getting to know our neighbors and have been so pleasantly surprised by gestures like this one from our neighbors Liz and Josh. Cookies were inside of this tuperware, and they are insanely delicious. I also made some tasty treats this week, which I’ll post about soon.

thoughtful housewarming gift

thoughtful housewarming gift


chase’s favorite fall recipe, pumpkin muffins. recipe coming soon!

Have a great week!

cheers krista

brass blossom

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