weekend love it – indian summer

The past couple of weeks have been wonderfully warm and dry during the day. It is quite common for the first snow to fall in September, and I am crossing my fingers that the Indian summer will continue for just a bit longer. But alas, the nights are getting colder and colder, hinting of the inevitable changing seasons. Which is exactly why Fall is my favorite season because you have the best of both worlds. Plus, J.Crew’s fall collection is always to die for…

Here are a few things I have been lusting over recently!

1. Fall Bucket List. Obviously to take advantage of fall I have made a bucket list. I absolutely love lists. There is nothing better than checking off things that you have accomplished. Here are just a few of the many things on my bucket list.

go to an epic pumpkin patch

go to an epic pumpkin patch followed by some pumpkin carving + seed roasting

find the perfect white pumpkin(s)

find the perfect white pumpkin(s)

host a dessert (+ champagne) party

host a dessert (+ champagne) party

adventure on new hikes

adventure on new hikes

go to the stanley bakery for brunch + coffee

go to the stanley bakery for brunch + coffee

2. Blog to Swoon Over — Twigg Studios. I encountered the blog, Twigg Studios, from an image on the endless web of Pinterest. The quite perfect baking images and recipes hooked me in, but I was sold with Aimee’s about me. Aimee lives in London and created her blog to share recipes and craft tutorials. What more do you need?

Anything that Aimee lays her hands on turns out magical, but here are just a few recipes and crafts that I am lusting over…

"hazelnut dacquoise with blueberry cream"

“hazelnut dacquoise with blueberry cream”

"four layered pavlova with pineapple orange curd and dried pineapple flowers"

“four layered pavlova with pineapple orange curd and dried pineapple flowers”

"pavlova with kiwi lime curd and elderflower cream"

“pavlova with kiwi lime curd and elderflower cream”

"diy clay macaron trinket box"

“diy clay macaroon trinket box”

3. J.Crew — Paperless Post. I am smitten with Paperless Post’s recently collaboration with J.Crew. I love the classic J.Crew feeling of the invites as well as the witty sentiments. You can never go wrong with J.Crew anything. Krista and I are both fans of Paperless Post for the inevitable last minute invites to events that are dreamed up 2 days in advanced.

J.Crew - Paperless Post

J.Crew – Paperless Post

4. Miss America. With the boy off frolicking in the woods, Miss Maude, snug as a pug in a rug Lizzy and I curled up to enjoy Miss America. As always, we truly enjoyed Chris Harrison as we have been missing him since the last season of “The Bachelorette.” He has clearly won the jackpot for having a career most exclusively known for being surrounded by beautiful women (and occasionally men).

From the start we were rooting for Miss Oklahoma and Miss New York for no particular reason. In competitive form, my mom called me early on bet on the winners. Quick side note: she was the loser.

I absolutely loved Miss New York, who ended up taking the show, after her talent. She was sitting criss-cross-applesauce, wearing a jumpsuit and completing a talent inspired by ‘Pitch Perfect’“. I found every aspect of it INCREDIBLE. Her evening gown was also one of my favorites. I loved the white evening gown with the deep back and thought she stood out perfectly.


miss new york, kira kazantsev, being crowned! loved her gown!

check out that jumpsuit!

check out that jumpsuit!

I rooted on Miss Idaho in the swimsuit competition as she toted in high fashion her Diabetes Pump. I love the awareness that she brings to diabetes by sporting her pump as well as her platform of “Possibilities for Disabilities.” Big thumbs up to Miss Idaho this year who made it to the Semi-Finalists!

miss idaho - sierra sandison

miss idaho – sierra sandison

Another highlight that I guiltily enjoyed was Miss Alabama doing an epic ballet to “Let It Go” from Frozen. For sure worth watching a rerun if you are a fan!

5. New Hunger Games Trailer. My senior year of college I was involved in an unfortunate self-inflicted accident that left me off my feet for quite a few weeks. To aid in the healing process I read The Hunger Games Trilogy consecutively pretty much without stopping for food, water or a breath. Luckily Krista shares my obsession and we have seen each new release in theaters, generally at the midnight showing with every Middle and High Schooler from 100 miles away. So obviously I was quite excited for the new “The Mockingjay Lives” trailer. Peeta and Katniss forever.

taylor brass

brass blossom

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