weekend love it – semi-permanent vacation

For the past three weeks I have been cashing in some much needed vacation time. Here a few things that I have been loving over what has seemed like a recent (much needed) semi-permanent vacation.

1. Family Time.  Two weeks ago I visited my grandparents in Wyoming with my family. I had a wonderful, relaxing time with plenty of naps, good books, chocolate chip cookies and wonderful company. I read three books while I was there, which to be honest about doubles the number of books I have read all year. It was just what I needed to recharge. Along with all of our relaxing, we went to Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo for an action packed western day!

nightly sunsets

nightly sunsets

annual family photo at Lake Marie on the 'Snowy Range Scenic Byway'

annual family photo at Lake Marie on the ‘Snowy Range Scenic Byway’

2. Whitewater Rafting. This weekend, Krista organized an amazing Alumni Reunion for the high school that we both attended. One of the events that she planned was a “whitewater” rafting trip. We went to a not so traditional high school that had an adventurous outdoor program so the rafting trip was quite fitting.

The rafting was a bit less extreme than you might imagine due to a wonderful guide so we all enjoyed a few drinks, a ton of laughs with very little paddling required. It was such a fun day that an obvious Idaho Adventure post is soon to come!

the brass blossom does rafting

the brass blossom does rafting

our crew of boys

our crew of boys

ready to paddle! (sorta)

ready to paddle! (sorta…)

3. Camo. Even though the boy works for an incredible company practically devoted to camouflage, I don’t quite share the love of camo. That was until Lululemon came out with these crops. As a disclaimer, I know that anything and everything from Lululemon is fairly outrageously priced but in my experience all my gear has lasted forever if washed properly. Since my preferred outfit of choice is basically yoga pants these “lulu crops” are my newest fashion obsession.

These have been my go to, dare I say, pants as of recently. The boy even approved, most likely only because they were camo but I’ll call it a win!


4. Gold Candy Dishes/Jewelry Dishes. While visiting my grandparents we went into town to explore a few stores, including a great antique store where I found these gems. They are technically gold candy dishes, but I immediately fell in love with them as jewelry trays. They were a whopping $4, which furthered my love for them.

gold leaf dishes

gold leaf dishes

gold leaf jewelry dish!

gold leaf jewelry dish!

the quaint town of Saratoga, Wyoming with it's big wyoming sky

the quaint town of Saratoga, Wyoming with it’s big wyoming sky

5. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. For the final part of my prolonged vacation I am venturing off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming this week with Krista and our adventurous, well-traveled friend Melissa for a girl’s trip. We have big plans for a few hikes, wonderful eats and a cowboy bar or two. Post coming soon!


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We will be toasting you from a deck or mountain top somewhere in the mountains!

taylor brass

brass blossom

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