weekend love it – wining, dining and relaxing

This weekend was a whirlwind. It was one of those perfect summer weekends that I live for year round. It included all of my favorite things: crossfit, the ‘Cellar’, a feel good movie, wining & dining, a hike, puppies and some much needed relaxation. Miss Maude agrees that it was great weekend as she got to play, swim and run around to her heart’s desire!

so tired!

so tired!

1. Sun Valley Center for the Arts Wine Picnic. Each summer the Sun Valley Center For the Arts hosts an incredible charity wine auction. Krista and I attended the Vine & Dine this weekend and enjoyed copious amounts of wine, food, sunshine and wonderful company. Here are just a few pictures from the event with a “Idaho Adventure” post coming soon!

panoramic of the festivities

panoramic of the festivities

pink & blue summer attire

pink & blue summer attire

2. White Nails. When nibbling (aka gorging) at the dessert booths at the Wine & Dine late in the evening, I got a scoop of vanilla ice-cream from the legendary Tony of Tony’s Sun Valley Ice Cream Co. There was melted chocolate and caramel to top the icecream into a sundae, which I politely refused. The point being, I like to keep things plain and simple. Like my plain vanilla ice-cream, “I love plain”, white nails for the summer.

crisp white nails

crisp white nails

3. Pool Relaxation. To recover from all of our “wining & dining” (and in Krista’s case dancing the night away to ‘Ms. New Booty’), Krista and I spent a lovely afternoon reading and catching up on some much needed sun and water. Zenergy has the most pristine pool with a view of Baldy that is worthy of postcards.

We each brought a bit of reading material, water and some sunscreen. I am reading The Boys in the Boat, which I recommend to everyone. Krista brought a few magazines and we both got caught up on some quality entertainment news.

cant beat

perfect summer afternoon

I have been loving "The Boys in the Boat"

“The Boys in the Boat” is a great read for anyone, especially all you history buffs

4. Denim Jumpsuits.  I recently purchased Splendid’s Indigo Chambray Jumpsuit at SWAY, which is a local boutique. I originally saw this jumpsuit before the Fourth and thoroughly debated my need for it. After much consideration, I concluded that it belonged in my closet. I have quite an affinity for  jumpsuits and this one really just won my heart.

The Indigo Chambray Jumpsuit fits like a glove and is incredibly soft. It is my newest outfit obsession as I have worn it twice in the last week. I even debated wearing it to bed after all of the “wining and dining”…

Splendid's Indo

Splendid’s ‘Indigo Chambray Jumpsuit’

5. Feel Good Movies. When my selfless mother offered to babysit Miss Maude Thursday night, I knew that the boy and I had to take advantage of the opportunity. We love the littler bugger but we have spent a bit more time at home recently as she is currently going through her terrible two’s and loving to bite, chew, chase and jump on anything and everyone. So I dragged the boy to ‘Begin Again. It is one of the better movies that I have seen recently. The boy summed it up perfectly as we were leaving when he said that it was definitely a “feel good movie.” It’s a must see!

Krista pointed me in the right direction in downloading the soundtrack. You can most likely find me shamelessly dancing to Adam Levine this week in my jumpsuit.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend that reflects well into the week!

taylor brass

brass blossom

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