weekend love it — those summer nights

So many activities!

I am trying to soak up every single second of this beautiful and brief Sun Valley summer. I hate extreme heat, but I love changing seasons, and summer is absolutely my favorite.

Here’s what I’ve loved this past week:

1. Idaho lake vaca: One bad thing about Sun Valley? You have to drive more than 30 minutes to reach a lake. If you prefer water to mountains, McCall is the Idaho resort town for you. The boy grew up there, and I’ve so been looking forward to escaping to his hometown 4 hours north to relax, cool off, and enjoy the amenities of this beautiful, tiny town. More to come in an upcoming “Idaho Adventure” post!

the "islands" on Payette Lake in McCall

the “islands” on Payette Lake in McCall

2. LOVE! God, I am one big ball of love lately. I almost cried about ten times on the drive home (thank goodness for sunglasses) just thinking about how powerful, important and incredible love is. The boy’s lovely sister (who is also a dear friend and DG sister of mine) said YES to her boyfriend, Brad, this weekend on Payette Lake in McCall. I nearly had a panic attack while Brad proposed on the “islands” on the far side of the lake and we all watched from the boat…although there were some strategically placed trees for borderline privacy. You know when you’re watching a movie, and you’re invested in the characters, and a big, potentially awkward, but oh-so-amazing moment comes and all you want to do is help them? That’s how I felt. But, of course, Brad handled it like a pro. We had a great time celebrating their engagement with some of my favorite things — good food, good booze, and good views. Can’t wait for the celebrations to continue and for the big day! Congratulations to Jenna and Brad!


fresh ofs the lake with Jenna's temporary "costume" coral ring from Mexico

fresh off the lake with Jenna’s temporary “costume” coral ring from Mexico

the beautiful couple

the beautiful couple

a champagne toast to the "affianced"!

a champagne toast to the “affianced”!

3. Dancing and inappropriate humor:  We went to see Andy Frasco and the UN in concert at Whiskey Jacques during President’s Day weekend last winter with a couple friends. We’d heard good things, but nothing could have prepared us for the hilarity to come. We were stoked to hear he was coming back for Fourth of July weekend, and I didn’t hesitate to buy eight tickets (the maximum amount) for friends and family. Not only do they play great music, they provide endless entertainment with inappropriate jokes, high energy, and constant band member battles. Keep an eye out for Andy Frasco and the UN, and absolutely buy a ticket if he comes to a city near you.  I was too focused on dancing and laughing, so I failed at taking my own photos, but here he is!

Andy Frasco is a maniac, in the best sense of the word

Andy Frasco is a maniac, in the best sense of the word

4. Jimmy Fallon…As Neil Young…Singing Iggy Azalea…with Crosby, Stills and Nash: Yes, it’s confusing. It’s also awesome. And yes, I am a bit Jimmy Fallon obsessed, but how good is this?! Guilty pleasure: the original version, especially after I discovered that the music video has a Clueless theme.

5. This dress, again: After I bought the long version of this Pink Stitch dress in gray, I went back to Sway for the “short resort dress” with polka dots, and back again for a short bright pink one. I can’t say enough about how much I love this dress. The price point is great, it’s perfect for warm weather, and the loose fit allows for as much snacking and drinking as you desire.

in polka dots at a wedding

in polka dots at a wedding

in bright pink, perfect for hot summer weather!

in bright pink, perfect for hot summer weather!

Stay cool out there!

cheers krista


brass blossom

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