idaho adventure — redfish lake

Redfish Lake

Redfish Lake

I jumped at the opportunity to head north to Redfish Lake with my friend Rachel and a group of friends this weekend. Much like Taylor, I will not have a free weekend until probably mid-August. Then again, I can’t complain, because those weekends will be filled with great times with friends and family, travel, wine picnics, concerts and camping.

A trip to Redfish Lake is almost worth it for the drive alone. You head up over Galena Pass, which offers fun curves and a stunning view of the Stanley basin at the top. You can take in the beautiful Boulder and Sawtooth mountains on your way as well, and enjoy some wildlife, blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and maybe even a delicious (though overpriced) milkshake at Smiley Creek Lodge in Sawtooth “City”.

While Redfish Lake is a worthy tourist attraction with a lodge, restaurant, water rentals, general store, live music on Sunday nights, and guest cabins, even a simplified outing to Redfish is enough to satisfy. We took Rachel’s boat out (lake ettiquette: always offer gas money) on the (freezing) water and enjoyed some adult beverages, snacks, country music, conversation, scenic views, and most of all, relaxing time on the water. On other trips we would probably endeavor to surf, wake board, tube, water ski, and even stay the night at a nearby campground, but for early summer, soaking up sun before bombing back to Ketchum for the USA game vs. Portugal would all we could manage. Fine by me!

A trip to Redfish Lake is always worth the trip — it’s about an hour and ten minute drive, door to door. You can also enjoy the amenities and activities that nearby Stanley offers. I’m sure Taylor and I will blog about the Stanley Bakery and maybe even the Meadow Creek Spa in posts to come.

Here’s a look at my day at Redfish. I can’t wait to to go back. Thanks so much, Rachel!


Beautiful blue sky

beautiful blue sky

while the red fish (salmon) are not really present any more, you can catch a good sized bull trout, especially at the mouth of streams

while the red fish (sockeye salmon) are not really present any more, you can catch a good sized bull trout. i’ve seen it!

lovely white sand pieces

lovely white sand beaches

our fearless captain

our fearless captain


what I like to call “sunshine in a can” — Stiegl Radlers

appetizer platter

appetizer platter complete with Vermont cheddar, Humboldt Fog, Columbus salami, and Mary’s Gone Crackers

redfish lake

view from the dock

butterfly friend on Jack's foot

butterfly friend on Jack’s foot

majestic mountains

majestic mountains

cheers krista

brass blossom

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  1. I freaking LOVE Redfish. We went there this weekend, too! While my favorite time of year is September when pretty much everyone has left and the weather is still perfect, there’s something to be said for visiting in high season and running into everyone you know.

    Also, Stanley Bakery. YUM.

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