diy 52 reasons ‘i love you’ cards


When the boy and I celebrated five years of our “best-friendship” we were seniors in college ready to depart into the so called “real world.” Like I mentioned in our Idaho adventure of Getting Lost on the Lost, we have always attempted, or rather been forced to as broke college students, to focus our gifts and day around anything that doesn’t require oodles of money. So for our five years the boy and I brought a picnic to the gorgeous Sweet Cheeks Winery to enjoy a drink or two, the sunshine and exchange gifts.

The boy gifted me one of the more precious and thoughtful gifts that I have ever received. He gave me five, one for each year, mason jars and cards in increasing sizes. Each mason jar held a riddle about the two of us which was completed in the cards with pictures and other fun surprises. I still have the jars and cards sitting on my bookcase.

For the boy I made a card as well as “52 reasons I love you” cards. And naturally, I laminated them all. Anything that is laminated or labeled holds a sweet spot in my heart.


  • a new deck of 52 playing cards (of course I picked camo)
  • labels that will fit over the value side (I trimmed them a bit after printing)
  • a printer & a computer
  • a binder ring
  • a hole punch


  1. Using Microsoft Word, choose the “Label Wizard” under templates. You can then choose your desired label size.
  2. Using the template you just created, type out 52 reasons that you love the gift receiver. I used various camouflage colors. You can make them as sappy, serious or funny as desired (examples below).
  3. Once complete, print out the labels.
  4. Attach the individual labels over the value (i.e. Spade, Heart, Diamond and Club) side of the card. Trim the labels as needed.
  5. Using a hole punch, make a hole into the same corner of each card. I chose to laminate the individual cards and then cut them out prior to creating the holes. I also kept my cards in order.
  6. Use the binder ring to hold all of the cards together, and gift away!
camo cards make this gift even more manly

camo cards make this gift even more manly








I saved the best for last

I saved the best for last

laminated cards! sure to last a life time.

laminated cards – sure to last a life time.

binder ring to hold them all together

binder ring to keep the cards together

the front of the boy's five year card

the front of the boy’s five year card

too good not to share - the card I semi-homemade this year

too good not to share — the card I semi-homemade this year

There are quite a few tutorials online and all over Pinterest demonstrating this diy. And for good reason, as you can make it as simple or as detailed as you like. One of the best parts about this gift is that it is fun to read through the cards every so often and it serves as a small reminder of your love at that moment.

taylor brass

brass blossom

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