weekend love it — binging on tv, lace, marshmallows and chalkboards

I feel like summer is already in full force. There has been quintessential Sun Valley weather recently with blue bird days and not a cloud in the sky. Thus I have been enjoying the sun and all that summer brings. Below are a few things I have been obsessing over as of late!

1. ‘Orange is the New Black.’ For anyone who hasn’t seen this series, watch it now. Like right this second. Buy a Netflix’s account if only to binge watch Season 1 and now Season 2. You get your first month free, which is plenty of time to watch every episode. However, beware that if you start the series with your significant other and then they happen to go out of town after you watch two episodes together, and then you watch the rest of the season in 2 days without them that they may be slightly upset at you. But it will be worth it. You will find me alone on my couch binge watching this week since the boy refuses to catch up after I “ditched” him.


Orange is the New Black

1a. Also for or all of you dying to know who is your ‘Orange is the New Black’ Prison Wife, take this quiz. I got Taystee which I think pairs quite nicely with “taystray.”



1b. Need a bit more convincing to watch to watch a show about lesbians in prison? Here is an article about how the women are all total badasses.

2. Cosabella ‘Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra.’ I randomly mentioned to Krista a few days ago that I have been searching for a nice lace bra that I could wear under maxis, especially this gem of a dress that I recently purchased from Piperlime. She enthusiastically responded that one of our favorite local boutiques had a plethora of colors in this bra. It is beyond comfortable, works under almost everything and provides the perfect amount of support for me. However, to any of the well endowed women out there, I could see how this bra may not be ideal. But for all of you out there rocking a bit of chest-bone, this bra is amazing. I got it in Persimmon but have big plans to purchase other colors including this beautiful navy blue.

3. Marshmallows. When rummaging through my baking cupboard last week, the boy excitedly pulled out hoards of marshmallows that I have on hand for some unknown reason and said “we should make something with these!” To which I responded, “we or me?” Needless to say the answer was “me” but it got my creative juices flowing with all the fun things I could do with marshmallows for the boy.

I was even so excited about the prospect of marshmallow desserts that I ate a s’more at Krista’s lovely housewarming party and again reminded myself that I really just don’t like marshmallows. I much prefer to roast a perfectly browned ‘mallow’ or think of all the ways to use them in dessert than to actually eat them. Here are just a few of the mallow inspirations I have loved:

Marshmallow Cheesecake

Marshmallow Cheesecake

S'mOreo Seven Layer Bars

S’mOreo Seven Layer Bars

Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow Pops

4. Chalkboard Paint. After making Krista and Chase (well mainly Krista) a house-warming gift with chalkboard paint. I made a simple DIY for their new house with an inspirational quote. The chalkboard spray paint was so easy to use and came out perfectly. I am on a new mission in life to chalkboard anything that I can get my hands on. I may even chalkboard a mallow….

chalkboard spray paint!

chalkboard spray paint!

diy chalkboard post coming soon!

diy chalkboard post coming soon!

brass blossom

taylor brass

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