glamping — “fishing” the brown drake hatch

When it comes down to it, we are truly Idaho girls at heart. We both have a love for the State of Idaho with its rustic style, access to the outdoors and natural beauty. We can dirty with the best of them, but you’ll most likely find us downing red wine instead of Budweiser.

Thus when our boys decided we were all going fishing for the night we collaborated for a night of fishing on Silver Creek. Silver Creek provides a picturesque setting and it’s worth the trip any Friday night, especially when paired with a cocktail.

Now this is not just any fishing, but fly-fishing the infamous Brown Drake hatch for brown trout. To be honest, we didn’t fish but rather played with the puppies, enjoyed our picnic and toasted the beautiful views and company with Krista’s homemade Tinto de Verano.

People come from near and far for “the hatch” but regardless if you are Brad Pitt from A River Runs Through It, there is something for everyone to enjoy during a night on the creek.

"God's Country"

“God’s Country”

what the hype is all about

what the hype is all about

The company:

Krista, Taylor & the girls

the girls



matching hats for the night

matching hats for the night!

Miss Maude seeing what it is all about

Miss Maude seeing what it is all about


Parley enjoying every minute on the creek



Picnic Dinner:

  • Krista threw together an antipasto plate complete with 3 cheeses (naturally), crackers, salami, turkey and apples
  • Taylor made a wild rice salad and kale salad for the main course to complete a healthy dinner on the go.




A few more pictures…



just before dark

just before dark

krista and taylor

brass blossom



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