love it – share your sweetness

Happy Friday! In honor of this glorious day of the week we have decided to create a weekly “love it” post to share something that we love. Whether it be an inspirational article, a funny video or a sweet picture, we thought it would be a perfect way to welcome the weekend on a positive note!

Krista originally introduced me to Huffington Post and it has been a favorite of mine ever since.  Below is a brilliant article that highlights embracing sweetness. I know it may sound corny but this article completely resonated with me. I am generally completely type A and constantly focusing 17 steps ahead. In the drive of my life I feel that I occasionally lose focus of the now and of those that I love. This article is a great reminder, that I constantly need, to embrace being sweet and loving.

Cheers to embracing sweetness and taking a moment to send a bit of love to your friends, coworkers, siblings, roommates, grandparents, fathers or mothers this weekend. And of course, cheers to Friday!

How Embracing Your Sweetness Can Benefit Your Well-Being

cheers! taylor

brass blossom

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