valentine cootie catchers!


valentine cootie catchers!

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of St .Valentine, we wanted to send our love and a bit of humor via a classic from our childhood days, cootie catchers. Cootie catchers brought us back to the days of Elementary School filled with childhood crushes and daily art and crafts projects…We also thought it was a bit more interactive, unexpected, and refreshing than your typical valentine.

On our first attempt to craft a cootie catcher, we were a little rusty —  it took us a bit to recall the exact steps. If it has been a while since your elementary days as well, here’s a helpful video.


  • decorated origami paper (we happened to have some on hand but any piece of square paper will do)

  • sharpie

  • inspiration to fill the inside!


all folded & ready to personalize

Obviously the best part about cootie catchers is filling them with fun fortunes and phrases! They are super easy to customize so get creative and branch out from the elementary days of just numbers and colors. You can even throw in some dirty valentine phrases (“get naked?” for your good friends)! Here are some examples of how we filled our cootie catchers:







the middle also serves as a great place to write a note!


as always, to add a touch of gold we used gold lined envelopes for mailing

cheers! krista & taylor

brass blossom

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