welcome to “the brass blossom”!


Welcome to “the brass blossom”! Despite the detours of life, the two of us have always seemed to find each other…through middle school, high school, college, and now back in our hometown, Sun Valley, Idaho. We have bonded over our pursuit of balance — we take pride in the fact that we can write press releases and take out stitches but are also adept with glitter glue and kitchen mixers. We are animal lovers who live in hunting households, mountain girls who can both curl their hair and pee in the woods with ease.

Most of all, we have a mutual love for creating food, crafts, and events that make people happy. We hatch many of our best ideas over brie and a glass of red wine or champagne.  “the brass blossom” is a collaboration, inspiration catalog and creative outlet.

We hope “the brass blossom” will inspire our readers. Welcome to our no-nonsense approach to living a life full of crafts, laughs, recipes, pretty tables, positive tales and everything in between!

cheers! krista & taylor 

brass blossom


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